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On Getting Your Mind Right… |Evolve Thyself

November 24, 2013


“I’m so busy.” That could be the belief I could let fly, if I were so inclined, to explain why I am the slowest-poke ever at getting posts up on my blog. But, 1) I choose not to have that belief of myself, as it only breeds a perception of scarcity & self-importance that I prefer […]

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Is “I Am…” A True Statement? | Evolve Thyself

November 8, 2013


The amount of posts on the interwebs about believing in yourself is so vast (did a quick check…type “believe in yourself” into Google & you get 395,000,000 results) that it’s astonishing that we continue to write them…as I’m about to do. Why is that? I think it’s because, as humans, we are constantly trying to […]

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How You Can Become ‘Top 5’ (Or Better) at Everything

October 27, 2013


As my client and I were finishing up her session I asked her about the upcoming triathlon workouts she’d be starting with her team, for next springs’ youth triathlon season. She ages up this year, meaning she’s now the youngest in the next age bracket up. And in case you were unaware, the youth triathlon […]

Book Review | Alignment Matters by Katy Bowman

October 15, 2013


If there’s something you initially dislike – let’s say, ‘eating broccoli’ – but there’s a likelihood that you’ll be negatively impacted BECAUSE you don’t like it (& thus, avoid it), I generally take the mindset that you should suck it up & figure out a way to like it anyways. Especially before your progress gets […]

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In the Gym | Jill’s Success

September 29, 2013


“You are a wave in the ocean. You are the individual wave but you are also the entire ocean. Everything you do affects everyone & everything.” That quote showed up in my facebook feed today, just a few hours after I witnessed it play out in real life. I don’t question for a moment why […]

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How To Tune Up Your Decision-Making Abilities

September 20, 2013


As the strength coach for my clients, I play a lot of roles beyond just the “programmer of exercises”. Teacher, friend, supporter, listener…and sometimes I fill the role of ‘person who brings up uncomfortable topics for the sake of the persons’ long-term progress.’ If there’s something standing in the way of progress, or that is […]

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