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How To Tune Up Your Decision-Making Abilities

September 20, 2013


As the strength coach for my clients, I play a lot of roles beyond just the “programmer of exercises”. Teacher, friend, supporter, listener…and sometimes I fill the role of ‘person who brings up uncomfortable topics for the sake of the persons’ long-term progress.’ If there’s something standing in the way of progress, or that is […]

Finding an Alternative Path to Fulfill Your Mission

September 4, 2013


(alert: as I’ve written about before…when you question whether you should do something, and that thing sorta scares you and makes you feel embarrassed…you should probably do it b/c that’s most likely the Authentic You seeping out. This post is one of those moments for me. It’s nothing special but it – my poetry – […]

How a Black Keys Video Can Bring You Enlightenment

July 12, 2013


(photo: me dancing on the beach to no music whatsoever) The Black Keys “Lonely Boy” is one of my favorite music videos ever. Not that the list is long, mind you, since seeing an actual music video for a song these days is damn near impossible. Regardless, I *adore* the “Lonely Boy” video for reasons […]