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Everything Is Easier If You’re Stronger

January 5, 2014


Quick update: The lack of posts here has been directly correlated to the work that went into my buy-out of a partner to make me sole owner of my gym, ProKine, the coordination of my online strength training program that is starting now, and the remake of this website into something I’m hugely proud of…it […]

Book Review | Alignment Matters by Katy Bowman

October 15, 2013


If there’s something you initially dislike – let’s say, ‘eating broccoli’ – but there’s a likelihood that you’ll be negatively impacted BECAUSE you don’t like it (& thus, avoid it), I generally take the mindset that you should suck it up & figure out a way to like it anyways. Especially before your progress gets […]

In the Gym | Jill’s Success

September 29, 2013


“You are a wave in the ocean. You are the individual wave but you are also the entire ocean. Everything you do affects everyone & everything.” That quote showed up in my facebook feed today, just a few hours after I witnessed it play out in real life. I don’t question for a moment why […]

In the Gym | Hey Swimmers & Everyone, Your Ankles Need Mobility

August 14, 2013


Here we go, post #2 about my work with a swimmer…but!…this TOTALLY applies to 99.995% of the population (unknown statistical margin of error since I haven’t actually worked with 100% of the population…YET) so read on and see if her issue isn’t your issue! Swimmer #2 – This client is a current collegiate swimmer. She […]

In The Gym | Swimmers’ Shoulders

August 12, 2013


Here we go…my start at writing about what I’m doing with clients day-to-day in my gym. It proved challenging to get down on paper what comes so naturally in my head! I hope I made this easy-enough to follow, and that it helps someone out there dealing with a similar issue. Ok, first up, two […]

Sharing my Coaching Work|Intro to New Writing I’m Doing

August 4, 2013


I have no good pics of me coaching apparently, so as a space-filler up there is a pic of me boating with icebergs in Iceland. That’s fun. When I write, I like to write about a variety of things focused around being as “fit for real life” as possible. Oddly, I rarely write about what […]

Tracking Calories In/Out…This Trend Has Run Its Course

February 3, 2013


Quick housekeeping note: did you know I’m hosting a more daily conversation of how to be ‘fit for real life’ over on this site’s new Facebook page? Writing big, quality, regular posts is tricky right now with running the gym & whatnot, so I’ve started the Facebook page as a way to curate & discuss […]