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Posted on November 24, 2013


“I’m so busy.” That could be the belief I could let fly, if I were so inclined, to explain why I am the slowest-poke ever at getting posts up on my blog. But, 1) I choose not to have that belief of myself, as it only breeds a perception of scarcity & self-importance that I prefer not to subscribe to (see: this excellent post on the matter of “busyness”)…and 2) saying you’re “busy” is the most ‘duh’ statement of the year. Everyone is busy. So instead, I’ll tell you that I’m excited to get this next post out to you about beliefs and what we can do with them! – and that I also have some other fun things in the pipeline that I had put higher value on than finishing my own writing, so, whatev. This post is here now, you’re here now, the other stuff I was working on will be here later. We’ll enjoy this now, and that then.

Alrighty. If you ‘went there’ with my last post – where we discovered that you no longer have to hang on to beliefs that you’ve proven to be false – and took stock of your own beliefs, assessing which of those beliefs had proof to back them up and which didn’t, you may have noticed something slightly uncomfortable. That if you take out the beliefs that don’t have proof to back them up…you might have to re-evaluate WHO you are. We all want to define ourselves as something, even if we hate labels. We seek definition of ourselves to the world through our words, style, actions and things we show to others as valuable to us. Take away a few beliefs you’ve built yourself around for a long time, and fairly quickly, you are a shell of your former-Self.

I’ll use myself as an example. In the past, I often used the word ‘perfectionist’ to describe myself. Things were either really good or really bad, depending on how close me and my situation were to perfect. Then I started realizing that I was having some moments that were beautiful *because* of their imperfection, and that to dance through those imperfect moments was more fun than striving for perfection ever had been. I then realized that I don’t actually believe in perfectionism anymore…so I left that belief on the side of the road and continued on my journey.

When we strip out beliefs that we’ve figured out aren’t held up by any facts, we’ve got to lay down new concepts and beliefs, & *that* is where things can get tricky. Awhile back, we talked about how the type of thinking one must do during self-actualization work is something that must be practiced on the regular in order to have it feel smooth and come with any ease. To go along with that thought, using the word ‘hard’ to describe meditating, as in, “meditating is hard to do” ensures you’ll create some confirming proof for how it goes as you work to learn meditation. Words carry deep meaning & energy with them, and we’re so flip with our words that we often fail to notice this, but it’s there.

Say something is ‘difficult’, and you’ll find proof to back that up.

My favorite thing to hear at my favorite gym to train in (besides ProKine, obvi) is when Dave & Mark at Movement Minneapolis tell a member to ‘make it look easy.’ Someone is about to accomplish something good when I hear that. A member will be struggling with a lift that feels challenging to them, and if that person listens to Dave & Mark, they tend to ‘all of a sudden’ make the lift they were going for. Because they removed ‘hard’ and in its’ place put ‘easy.’ So watch your language when you describe things.

Look. We really can skate by much of our lives without having to think – really think – about much of anything. Which is why I encourage you to consider meditation & journaling as viable options for opening up this area of your mind and thought-process. And why I encourage you to THINK about what you’re thinking and saying.

Put a gap in that mind of yours’ so that you can evaluate some of the stuff coming out before it gets too far gone. One of the most helpful things I put in my mind this year has been the question, “is that true?” When I notice a thought rolling around in my mind, or after I hear myself say something, I’ll run it through the ‘is it true?’ process and more than a few times, I’ve realized that no, it’s not true. There’s actually been convos with friends where I’ve said one thing, have followed up immediately with ‘wait, is that true?’ spoken aloud to them, and then said, “I’m not sure if that’s true, I have to work this out, hang on.” then sat there as I sorted it out in my mind. {being around me is fun like that} 😉 Over time, the thinking part settles down as you settle into your new belief system, and then eventually, it will all start up again as you re-evaluate for any beliefs that you’ve since grown out of. Like life, it’s a cyclical thing.

Taking Action
Through our words (via our minds), we create the reality we are looking for. And so, if we want to create a different reality:

  •  we’ve got to be able to picture what it is (or what it isn’t)
  • we’ve got to look for THAT, and thus, our words have to create space for it to be possible

and then,

  • we’ve got to eliminate any beliefs that aren’t supported by truths
  • and lay down new beliefs that we have proven true at this stage of the game

and if we don’t know what our new beliefs are,

  • we need to ponder, question, search…anywhere & everywhere…
    because we have no idea where the answers just might show up.
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