About the Site

Hello! This blog is one facet of my endeavor to coach as many people as possible to an optimal life through real-world fitness & wellness tips with my brand of “get-real” super-passionate conversation. It started as a weekly newsletter service to my personal training clients. The reason? Every client I worked with was turning to me for guidance on which of the latest health/fitness/ nutrition/wellness news was correct for them. Coffee good? Coffee bad? Cardio good? Cardio bad?

The amount of “health” news that comes out today is crushing, & most of it is off-base with what is REAL. What is TRUE. & what is right for YOU to live an optimally fit life.

Here, you won’t get the soft-truth, you’ll get the real-truth & hopefully smile while learning because really, who wants to sit in another boring lecture like the one you slept through in college? I know that optimal wellness is possible & available to all- if they know how to achieve it. I hope you’ll poke around the site & start using some of these posts to aid your quest for achieving YOUR optimal fitness!

And if you have questions? Need a plan? Want more info on personal services or programs? Fill out the Contact form & lets get you going!

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