Silk: ‘Fruit & Protein’…just don’t do it

Posted on July 25, 2012


If every food scientist working for these massive food companies would spend half their time thinking about how we can achieve world peace instead of what frankenfood they should make next – we’d be a peaceable world within the month. Saw this product in Target the other day. It’s a hot mess. Just look at that sexy packaging of fruit AND protein!, soy- cuz soy is great for you, right? (nope), and convenient pre-preppedness (who wants to waste 2 mins blending their own fruit/protein smoothie when they can just pour this out of the carton??)

This item has 24g of sugar per serving. Only 5g protein. Which comes from soybeans. Which are adaptogenic i.e. they raise your estrogen levels. Elevated estrogen = problems. Not to mention that soybeans are 95+% GMO in the US – and the way they modify them is to build the plant so that the pesticide is within the bean, meaning you must digest it, and we have research showing that this pesticide sticks to the gut lining, and remains there for up to 1 year after.

Just don’t do it folks. While I don’t love liquified food for fat loss or insulin-sensitivity, I get that it could be the only viable option at times, if you can’t take the 1 min it takes to put ice, coconut milk, protein powder and some frozen fruit or veg into a blender, then you’re just not on the path to health. We’re talking 1 min of work, 1 min of blending – if that – you’re worth 2 mins. You’re definitely worth more than Silk’s new hot mess, ‘Fruit & Protein’.

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