Transformation Potential | Genes or Environment…or both?

Posted on May 12, 2012


I’ve honestly re-written this post 8 times and each time I read it back and think, ‘you sound insane Kate, how does any of this relate to someone reading who wants to be awesome, and fit, and happy, and healthy?’ Be forewarned – if you’re totally not down with the concepts of beliefs, energy & Universal Intelligence, and often find yourself in the “its all in your genes” camp when discussing health or personality traits, you may want to just close your browser page now. But, if you’re at least marginally open to those concepts, and are curious as to how health, fitness & performance relate to whatever the hell I’m about to dive into, I’d ask you to stick around & see if you can take something out of this that maybe you’d never thought of before.

Ok, time to get weird. So in 2009, when I first began this blog, I was reading & writing about stuff that fascinated me – specifically, the potential in having certain genes in your genetic code, but not ending up like how the other people in your family with similar genes did. You see, my dad died of heart disease & a stroke when I was 17. His parents died of similar stuff when HE was a young man. And, my moms’ side had a history of developing diabetes and/or heart disease, as well as living with obesity. Seems like I had my destiny spelled out for me.

From college-age on, I was open to the ‘woo-woo’ stuff that many people write off – Wayne Dyer/Power of Intention & Gary de Rodriguez/Neuro-Linguistic Programming sort of stuff. Along the path, I stumbled on Bruce Lipton, a stem cell biologist, who used his mastery of cell biology & quantum physics theories to radically change the way we look at ‘belief’ ‘energy’ ‘inter-connectedness’ and the ‘power of thought.’ So I wrote a post about it with the small understanding of it that I had, and since that post left my fingertips, I relegated it to the back of my mind, remembering it, but not doing much more with it. I just didn’t know where to go next and how to learn more. A lot happened along the way to today, but no matter what, that post always sort of stuck out in the back of my mind. Recently, I was listening to a podcast & they mentioned reading Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief and I thought, “hm, I wrote about him a few years ago, that’s enough procrastinating, I really need to go back and dive into his work.”

So I did, and when I explained his concepts back then, I was sheltered in my understanding enough so that, at the time, it was just like “hey, check out this neat concept! cool, our genes don’t determine our destiny and positive thinking can be helpful, yay!” God bless naïveté. It takes just enough wool off your eyes to let you appreciate things without showing you the whole show, which if you saw the whole show, would make you freak out and lose the footing you have because you realize the footing you’re on isn’t just a footing, it’s a massive plane that bleeds into everything, including you, so that now you see things are actually sort-of seamless and inter-connected in a way that’s sort of screwed up to think about in a a+b=c type thought process. Like I said, God bless naïveté.

So to start off my series on ‘Transformation Potential’, I’m going to let the naive Kate who wrote about these concepts a few years back take over & get us going on the path. Here’s how I explained quantum physics, cell biology & YOU in Sept of 2009:

There is an energy field in the environment that surrounds the cells & it is that which helps them do their job & has now shown to have control in the resultant actions of the DNA. (Older, wiser(?) Kate here: this I CAN explain better now…if you look at 1 single cell, all its’ functions are not operating via the nucleus (the place where the DNA is housed) which is what scientists long believed (it’s not true). Instead, the cell functions via receptor (receiving) and effector (doing) proteins that read signals that the cell membrane, the fluid-y stuff that surrounds the cell, send out based on changes in the environment that the cell membrane is picking up on. In fact, you can remove a cell nucleus, formerly thought to be ‘the brain’ of the cell, and the cell will go on living and doing all its functions. Why? Because the cell membrane is reading and responding to the environment, not the nucleus. Translation for us? Just because you have certain DNA does not mean it will be expressed. Have a cancer gene? No guarantee it will express itself as cancer, the environment must be right for that piece of DNA to get turned on and go to work.)

Furthermore, Dr. Lipton’s research found that your perceptions and beliefs have the ability to eclipse your genetic make-up that you think you have inherited. Think about that – it means that the way you think about yourself and life dictates how your body will respond all the way down to the cellular level. Now it is a little more complex than just thinking positively to ensure you get a positive end-result of whatever you’re going for – but the reality is, that saying that “life is 5% what happens to you, and 95% how you respond to it” is TOTALLY FREAKING TRUE. (Older Kate here again: I’m not talking like in a “just hang in there kitty” motivational poster kind of way. I (and Bruce) mean that literally, your cells are reading your environment, and based on the vibrational-energy that they’re picking up from the energy level that your thoughts, perceptions, and feelings are running on, is how they will respond and express their gene potential. Check this: Clifton Meader, a Nashville physician, had a patient in 1974 with esophageal cancer, a condition that was 100% fatal in that time. He was treated but everyone knew he’d die from the cancer, and it was no surprise when he did, in fact, die a few weeks after diagnosis. But- they autopsied his body, and while they did find some cancer, the amount found a) was NOT on his esophagus and b)was nowhere near enough to be considered lethal. So what killed him? Was it the removal of hope (“this is a fatal disease”) that all of his doctors told him that set him up to die an early death? They know the cancer didn’t kill him. So what did?? This suggests that people in authority (physicians, teachers, parents) can remove hope by programming you to think you are powerless to the world around you…and it could very well be enough to kill you.)

You can probably remember a time in your life that you thought to yourself, well, ‘this is just how I am’ or ‘this is just the way it is because this is how it is for people in my family.’ This is an untrue statement, unless you let yourself allow it to be true for you. That is, it’s up to YOU to decide how physically fit, how successful, how educated you want yourself to become- and you’re NOT limited by what everyone else in your family has done or not done or what genes you think you have or don’t have.

Yes, we inherit genes from our parents & grandparents, but the research presented by Dr. Lipton & many quantum physicists is that the genes are not the control switch, YOU are via your thoughts, perceptions & beliefs. There are no victims of circumstance when it comes to your physical fitness/level of success/highest desired level of education/etc., and how it plays out through your life. This research shows that you are not on the receiving end of what happens in your life, you are on the creating end. YOU are the creator of your own circumstances, whatever they may be!

Older Kate back 1 more time: see how happy-go-lucky naive I was?? Hopefully this first post on ‘Transformational Potential’ helps us open the floodgates for the awesome potential of creating the life, health, and performance that we want! I’ll be composing more of my thoughts on Dr. Lipton’s stuff & am interested to hear your take on the concept of perception, gene expression, or the power of belief.

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