What’s around Your Bend? | Reflect & Reset for 2012

Posted on December 31, 2011


Finally, a chance to sit down and write! In continuation with my mini-updates prior to blog posts, we have been doing well the last few weeks of this year getting new folks connected to ProKine! We want as many people as possible to benefit from our fitness training expertise & it’s been great to do that so far, but any increase in business also means less time for everything else…and since no one has laid a book deal on the table for me yet, the unpaid role of blogger has taken a back seat. It’s one of my goals to work on in 2o12 though, so I’m excited to be spending more time here! I hope I’ll see you around here more in 2012 too! If you want to stay connected on when a new blog goes up, be sure to go to the upper right corner of the homepage & sign up for updates. You’ll only get new blog posts, no spammy junk. 🙂

As it always goes, the year is ending & everyone’s talking about goals, resolutions, and what they want the new year to hold for them. And rightly so! The changing of a year is a great time to reflect & reset…but I’d like to offer some tips, thoughts & resources for you to make the most of your ‘reflect & reset’ time and help you extend those goals beyond the first week of the year. I think many folks neglect serious reflection and goal setting/implementation time because the general assumption (truth?) is that we think big things, and by the end of January, have gone back to the way we were – whether because it’s easier, we’re “too busy”, or others’ needs take priority over ours.

There are big-thinkers throughout history who’ve actually followed through on their goals & changed the way we look at things or the way people look at them. People have created products out of a vision, have built movements out of a singular thought & have changed the world because they made their life about reaching their goals.

What would happen if you did the same with your own little place on this Earth? I believe (and have experienced) that we can’t even imagine what life could be like if we just took a risk, changed a habit, let go of old emotions… As you may know, I took a major risk in April 2011 & started a business with Drew.

I could not see the place I am at today from the position on the path I had in April. All I knew was that I had a root-need to fulfill my vision for my life, and that my vision was NOT the vision of my employer (and that’s fine!..everyone should have a vision, and it’s OK if they do not match…just don’t waste any time building someone else’s vision if yours is gnawing away at you day in and day out.) I didn’t know I wanted to own a gym, I just knew I needed to make the biggest impact possible on the lives of anyone I could touch through fitness, wellness & optimal living. Drew wanted to open a gym, so I went along trusting that our visions would work themselves out- not knowing exactly where this thing was going, but allowing it to go somewhere that I didn’t know the final destination.<–Very hard to let go of that control when you’re a total type-A control freak!!! And sitting here today, I love what the vision has evolved into, and I’m curious & excited for what is around the next bend for me, Drew & ProKine.

So what about you? What could be around the bend IF you allow yourself to be taken there? You do know, don’t you, that no matter what happens as you attempt to realize your vision, you’re a better person for having taken that path, regardless of how it all ends up. Along with that thought, here are some tools, resources and personal thoughts on what you can make your 2012 into.

Must-Read Books

These books will create questions & give you “homework” to practice in your daily life so that all this talk of  self-improvement turns into real, life-lasting changes in your life. I highly recommend downloading them to your phone so you can read a bit when you’re waiting in line…a much better use of your time than jumping on Facebook for the 1,000th time today. Or read a bit when you wake up in the middle of the night & know you shouldn’t be turning the TV on to help you get back to sleep…just remember, don’t just read…apply the changes to your life by doing the exercises they offer. I recommend reading a little at a time, rather than downing the whole book in 1 go – you’ll absorb more & be able to practice 1 lesson at a time.

1) The Flinch by Julien Smith
About the book (italics are mine):  A book so important we refuse to charge for it. (seriously, it’s free) Julien Smith has delivered a surprise, a confrontation, a book that will push you, scare you and possibly stick with you for years to come. The idea is simple: your flinch mechanism can save your life. It short-circuits the conscious mind and allows you to pull back and avoid danger faster than you can even imagine it’s there. But what if danger is exactly what you need? What if facing the flinch is the one best way to get what you want?  What are you afraid of? Here’s how to find out. (You will not regret reading this book, & for the non-readers in the group, it’s a short book, you could read it in a day if you wanted. You will not get weighed down by the concepts as they are simple, yet profound.)

2. Change your Thoughts, Change your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao by Dr. Wayne Dyer
I studied world religions in college, and learned about the Tao (the T is like a D when you say it). And since I love Wayne Dyers’ way of teaching you to open your thoughts and emotions to a higher calling for your life, this book piqued my interest. The Tao was written 500 years before the birth of Jesus, by a Chinese man said to have been called “Old Master”. 81 short verses that address various aspects of your life, thought process & well-being, interpreted into modern-day application by Dr. Dyer. I think consistent saturation of some thing is the best way to integrate it into your regular life…a quality, results-driven exercise or nutrition is much the same, go figure…the way this book is set up makes it perfect for regular reading and reflection.

Tools to Assist your Change

1. FutureMe.org
The high-tech way to keep yourself on-track with your goals and vision. You write yourself a letter using their letter-writing template. It can be a list of stuff you want to have done by a certain date. It could be reminders to yourself about the person you are now, or the person you intend to become. Use it however you see most fit! Then, pick a date in the future that you want to receive that letter. Click “SEND” and that’s it! On some future day, your letter will arrive in your inbox to bring all the thoughts, goals, and emotions you have today front & center allowing you to check-in on your progress towards those goals. Pretty cool! And again, I think regular connection to your goals is the best (only?) way you’re going to actually meet those goals. Having an automated service – that’s free! – like this to help you keep accountable is awesome!

2. What’s your Next Chapter Storyboard by Oprah
Before you skip this one because Oprah’s attached to it, wait, don’t skip it.  Personally, I love the things being taught on Oprah’s lifeclass on OWN, some of you are all eye-rolling-I-didn’t-win-a-car-so-I-don’t-like-Oprah when her name comes up in the ‘self-improvement’ ring. But give her recent stuff a 2nd look: Future goals require reflection, but they also require vision-casting. Also, when you think something, visualize it, see it enough times with enough conviction, you will put out energy that brings the right people, situations, and results into your life to help you reach those goals. And if the goal you think you want isn’t the one you’re meant to have, positive focus/prayer/whatever you want to call it, will still help you bring into your life exactly what you need. This tool allows you to create your own storyboard online (you don’t have to share it with anyone, you can just save it for yourself) using words, pictures & backgrounds. I was very impressed with the amount of options to choose from, and things that I could do to personalize my storyboard to my vision.

My Thoughts

I’ve spoken with several people in the wellness world, we’re all getting the same feeling that 2012 is going to hold major positive things for those willing to work for them. We’ve all been noticing in others and ourselves a turn toward self-awareness and focus on improving the things inside us in order to make our world and the world around us better.&

I personally have added a lot of self-growth work to my own life in the latter part of this year, and am excited to put even more of it in my life in 2012. My mental focus, my self-awareness & my attitude have been my focus & I’ve seen a direct result from the positive changes I’ve made in those areas. I’ve put lots of thought, energy, & focus into specific things – and seemingly out-of-the-blue, those things have shown up! I’m not saying we get anything we ask for, and I’m not saying that just because you think something it will come true…but when several things I’ve put positive energy, thought, and focus towards come true, well, the Law of Attraction/God/Uuniversal Energy/whatever you call it, is at work.

Some may say, “that’s just a coincidence”, but I believe that we reap whatever energy we put out in this world, that being a better person makes an impact in your life but also in the life of those you may not even know, & that we are meant to have good things in this world, but not if we do not ask for them, envision them, and work towards them.

I hope you create amazing things in 2012, and I want to say thanks for allowing my writing into your world. It’s my hope that things I write make an impact with you and you get better because of it.

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