Sausage Meatballs| A Recipe

Posted on September 27, 2011


“Wait…you don’t eat grains, dairy, or legumes??….that’s crazy! What’s left to eat??” This is a common reply when people first learn about the Paleolithic/Primal way of eating (eating foods that provide the most nutrients and eliminating the ones that cause problems for the body via inflammation and gut breakdown – these foods were what our ancestors ate before the agrarian culture boomed and wheat became a staple in our diets, thus the name, “Paleo”)

First of all, I only fully eliminate all those things for 30 days at the start or if I want to tighten up the diet after a period of repeated offending foods. Most people are so quick to write off this way of living & eating that they don’t ever find out that many of us do, indeed eat corn or rice on occasion, that some tolerate dairy (full-fat, grass-fed) quite well, and that we still make delicious food.

The reality is, you may want to eliminate the foods that can cause serious inflammatory conditions to erupt throughout your body, for some length of time, in order to know which foods are of no issue for you and which are highly problematic – thus the 30+ days of full elimination at the onset of eating this way.

I know I can do a little dairy once in a while, but if I eat corn or rice, my skin itches for days afterwards. Will itchy skin kill me? Not likely, but the itchy skin is the RESULT of inflammation in my body, and it’s that inflammation that signals ‘things ain’t right’ on the inside. And that could kill me…by way of cancer, heart condition, autoimmune condition, or some other major organ breakdown. And I’d never know if I didn’t fully eliminate them for a period of time long enough to allow my body to heal a bit.

So from that first comment of “what do you eat??” came this recipe out of this fabulous new cookbook, Paleo Comfort Foods, written by two foodies out of the south who just knew they could make the meals they loved that originally were not the healthiest much, much better. I highly recommend you buy this book if you want to make great food that just happens to be Paleo. Some of the recipes are best saved for special occasions, like birthdays or Thanksgiving, since they require a bit more than 30mins…but wouldn’t it be great to bring a dish to a party and know it’s going to taste awesome AND fit in the “Paleo plan”!

Without further ado, here’s what you should be making this week! Paleo Meatballs (make a bunch, save the rest for an easy snack!) We made this Sunday night with a kale salad…they reminded me of the combination of flavors on the pizza my parents used to order – thin crust, sausage, and green olives. A little zing, a surprising combination of flavors, and very filling! I thought I’d eat most of the batch we made, but I was satiated after 3 meatballs.
PS – These took 20mins from prep to plate, easy enough for a weeknight meal!

Sausage Meatballs

1/2 tsp. red pepper flakes
1 1/2 lbs. ground pork
6 oz. pitted green olives

– Mix pepper flakes with ground pork.
– Measure a Tbsp. of sausage at a time & press firmly into palms to flatten.
– Place olive in middle of flattened sausage & fold around the olive to create a ball. Roll the sausage, using fingers to pinch any cracks together. Repeat with all the meat & olives.
– Bring a dry frying pan to medium-high heat & add balls to pan, leaving room around them to avoid sticking together.
– Turn meatballs every 3 mins or so, for 15-20mins. They should be browned on all sides & cooked through.
– Remove to a clean plate with a paper towel on it to absorb any grease left on the meatballs from cooking. *Once we started cooking these, I could see why you should use a DRY pan….pork releases a LOT of fat, so the pan doesn’t need extra to cook these in.*
– Serve with a warmed kale salad or your favorite veggie side!