30mins or less | (Wo)Man up & Get dinner on the table

Posted on August 23, 2011


I got home from work at 7:30 tonight. I was very tired. I wanted to just put my head on my pillow & sleep till 3am when I’d inevitably wake up starved because I went to bed without dinner. I had chicken in the fridge. I don’t love chicken, it wouldn’t be that hard for me to not eat it. But then it would go bad & I hate wasting $ more than I hate eating chicken.

So I looked at the clock & guaranteed myself I’d have dinner on the table by 8pm. Thirty minutes Kate, you can do it. You’ll be behind the 8-ball on nutrition if you don’t (since tonight’s dinner = tomorrow’s leftovers) & you’ll have to spend $ on food tomorrow since you didn’t cook your dinner tonight.

So the race was on. Thirty minutes or less, just keep moving. Put the dang dinner on the table. *PS – I wasn’t cooking for anyone else tonight…”but it’s just me so I hate cooking for 1″ is the lamest reason not to cook good, healthy food. You’re not worth it? It would only be worth it if someone else were around? Lame. Cook your dang food.

Turned on the grill. Seasoned the chicken breasts. Put them on the grill.

Sliced an avocado in 1/2, put 1/2 away & cut the other half into cubes in its shell & seasoned it. Set it aside.

Chose an heirloom tomato, washed it, sliced 1/2 of it into cubes. Set it aside. Turned on pan to low, added coconut oil to pan.

Flipped the chicken. Back to the kitchen to wash the kale & slice it. Turned pan to coat it with oil & added kale. Seasoned kale in pan.

Poured wine. Turned the kale.

Took chicken off grill. Put 1 breast on plate. Poured gluten-free BBQ sauce on it (b/c chicken alone just doesn’t fly for me).

Poured kale on plate. Topped with tomato & avocado.

Sat down with wine & food. Looked at the clock – 7:55pm. 25 minutes! That’s it! To put this on the table for myself. It’s that easy. You’ve just got to keep moving once you get home. Don’t sit down, don’t get lured in to the take-out menu’s beckoning calls. Stay strong in your pursuit of eating real, healthy food that brings you one step closer to truly optimal wellness. It simply DOES.NOT. take too long to put food on the table. You’ve just got to do it.