Looks like a good agenda to me…

Posted on August 5, 2011


I’m feeling a bit punchy thanks to the 3 sips of wine I had tonight. Since I love To-Do Lists (just ask my college roommate, we had neon Post-Its of “to-do’s” all over our dorm room and house), I thought I’d blog mine for Saturday.

To-Do Saturday:

1. Get up at the ass-crack of dawn.

2. Run a long ways.

3. Sit in a fountain, don’t really care if you’re not supposed to sit in it. Don’t you see #2?

4. Eat a melon. Some protein too. Yes, a whole melon, likely in 1 sitting.

5. Try to sleep my face off…due to #1. Don’t forget to put on recovery socks. Understand that a small child will be underfoot so it will take mental fortitude to make #5 happen successfully.

6. Shopping!!! Made all the better by COFFEE!!!!! <—this is one of the motivators used when a run gets tough. I’m like a 2yr old, dangle a treat in front of me and I’ll do whatever you ask of me. Oh, also eat…again.

7. Wear hot pink recovery socks everywhere. Tell everyone I’m in a soccer tourney & those private school girls are going down. I’m totally lying.

8. Eat….again. Do you see #2?

9. Start my upper body workout aka “straightening my hair.”

10. Take my caffeinated ass out to dinner with The Man, with the hopes that the caffeine keeps me awake till 10:30pm. 🙂

I use coffee as my “carrot”. What do you do to keep yourself motivated to finish strong on a long workout?

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