30 Day Challenge – Meal Plan: Day 24 & Almond Chicken Recipe

Posted on May 25, 2011


Loved everything I ate this day! I felt full & satisfied, man, when you know you’ve got awesome leftovers waiting for you at lunch, it makes that meal so much more fun! Drew & I laugh about how I have such high expectations from lunch that I’m often disappointed by what’s out there. Before we owned our own business, we ate lunch out a majority of the week. We have a Whole Foods, so there’s a hot/cold bar there, there’s sushi, Chipotle….and that’s about it since I’m gluten free (now grain free) & we both want to eat healthy food that doesn’t suck. I’d cook every night, and I always tell my clients to cook extra and take it to work, but I’d do that, thinking I’d made plenty for leftovers – then Drew would pile his plate high & leftovers there would not be.

So we’d go grab food & I’d expect it to taste awesome & be healthy, and even Whole Foods disappoints on that front fairly frequently. There’s rarely a protein I can get because they add wheat to many dishes, raw salads aren’t my fave, and sushi is super delish but way low on protein & high in carbs with all that rice. So I’d frequently be let down by lunch…if I made mass quantities of stuff like this Almond Chicken recipe, that problem would be solved. Here’s what I ate yesterday & the Almond Chicken recipe is below!

Breakfast: 4 slices uncured bacon + 3/4 of a red pepper, grilled

Snack: 2 oz chicken breast

Lunch: last of Almond Chicken, recipe below + 1/2 sweet potato sprinkled with celtic sea salt, cinnamon & chopped pecans

Snack: handful roasted almonds

Dinner: 6 oz pastured beef burger (mixed with diced chili pepper, red pepper, onion, mushroom, cilantro & spiced with chili powder, salt & pepper) + sauteed kale + 1 glass sangria

Snack: handful mixed nuts
Almond Chicken (adapted from Robb Wolf’s book, The Paleo Solution)

Serves 2 + a bit of leftovers

You’ll need:
– Roaster chicken
– 15 almonds, chopped into small pieces
– 1/4 cup diced onion, approx. 2 slices
– 1/4 cup diced celery
– 1 small can mushrooms OR 1/4 cup fresh mushrooms, sliced
– 1 small can water chestnuts
– 1/2 cup chicken broth, *be sure to check for gluten-free if that is an issue for you!*
–  1 Tbsp tamari soy sauce (gluten free! check the label!)
– Sea salt & ground pepper, to taste

What you do:
Take crushed almonds, put on baking sheet, turn oven on to 350 & place immediately into oven. Remove from oven once they begin to brown slightly, about 5-7 mins. Once toasted, remove from oven. Set them aside.

– While almonds are browning, heat 1 Tbsp oil in a pan. Add onion & celery & saute until soft. Add mushrooms, stir, saute for few minutes longer (2-3mins). 

– Add the almonds to the pan, as well as the water chestnuts, chicken broth & soy sauce. Stir to incorporate all ingredients & ensure mixture is heated through.  

– Serve over slices of the roaster chicken. Robb says this works well with other meats too. I bet it would!