30 Day Challenge: Meal Plan – Day 22

Posted on May 23, 2011


The 30 days is sort-of winding down. I won’t lie and say I haven’t thought about the first meal I’ll eat on the day following the “last” day of this. A slice of gluten free toast? I would have said ‘yes’ if you’d asked me the first week. A piece of dark chocolate? umm..maybe…the first day? I don’t know, some days I’m all “yeah man, eat the chocolate!” & this past few days, that’s shifted to ‘umm..maybe/maybe not’. Some tortilla chips? Definitely not. I do not  miss those. Does it mean I will never eat a piece of corn again? Of course not, there is the 80% rule after all. But slices of pepper or jicama dipped in guacamole? SO much more refreshing!

The thing is…the “last” day of the Challenge isn’t the end of eating Paleo. Most certainly, we will continue to eat Paleo day in and day out, the 30 days is just restricting all dairy, grains, legumes & refined sugars so you can reset your body & start the healing process from the high inflammation in most peoples’ diets. Post 30-Days, we’ll use ghee sometimes, I’ll enjoy some stevia in my coffee every now & again, and we’ll follow the 80% rule with regard to our full diet.

But it’s not the 30th day yet, so why am I thinking about what’s to come?? We’ve got 8 days to go & I’ve got a 10 mile race this Sat that I have to be healthy, strong & ready for! Speaking of being healthy, did you know a one-off sugar hit can compromise your immune system so that you are more susceptible to viruses & pathogens? Getting ready for an important day that you don’t want to be sick for? Lay off the sugar. And for the endurance athletes out there…you’d think I’d keel over and die without all those grains for pre-race carb loading…not so, fact is, carb loading principles have been over-stated in their efficacy & I get plenty of carbs from my potatoes & applesauce on a long run morning anyways, so it will be interesting to see how I perform at this weekends’ race!

Pre-Long Run: protein shake + pear

During Run: Hammer Gel

Breakfast: 2 eggs + 1/4 cup cooked spinach, from frozen + 1/2 sweet potato with cinnamon (still not sure if the eggs give me trouble, they def do NOT give me GI issues, but I’m still sorting out my bumpy skin, they’re like little pilli on some parts of my skin, I’ve also tried now taking out the perfumed bodywash in favor of that “old-fashioned” liquid soaps they sell at Whole Foods. Not a huge fan of how they make my skin feel, but maybe that is the problem?)

Snack: leftover salmon (about 2 oz) + last few bites of leftover sweet potato (eat those leftovers people!)

Lunch: deli turkey w/ guac spread on them then rolled up + grilled veg  (you know when it’s soooofreakinghot out and food just does NOT sound lovely? I mean, if you’re hungry it sounds good, but the typical things just don’t sound appetizing when you’re that hot. Well it was HOT on Sunday & so I picked around at lighter fare here but still made sure to get my protein, fat & veggie carbs)

Dinner: Cajum Shrimp skewers + grilled asparagus + fried yucca (about 6 slices) + small glass sangria (home made) (stupid good! I rarely buy pre-done stuff from Whole Foods but when they have the Cajun rubbed seafood out, it’s a must buy! I love cajun/chipotle seasoned stuff & these are fantastic!)

You’re probably wondering about the sangria recipe…I know I would be! Here you go: cut a couple slices of citrus fruit (I used an orange & a meyer lemon) & throw them into a glass with some ice. Muddle it around in the bottom of the glass so some of the juice comes out. Take a bottle of red you like…I had a bottle leftover in the fridge so that’s what I used, fill half the glass with wine, then top with La Croix Grapefruit flavored seltzer water. Stir, enjoy. Some of you who needneedneed a sweeter sangria, try it with some stone fruit as well, smashing a piece of peach or cherry in there will boost the sweet factor without needing to add table sugar.