30 Day Challenge – Meal Plan Day 19

Posted on May 20, 2011


One of the most important things you can do to maintain health is regulate your insulin levels. This is done by managing your sugar levels, which comes from controlling your carbohydrate intake. When you eat lots of non-value carbohydrates (everything that is not a veggie or fruit) you spike your blood sugar which sends your insulin levels on a roller coaster ride. Even if you eat valuable carbs like fruits & veg, but you eat too much of them (hello, all you “fruit at a meal” people!) or don’t pair them with some protein & fat, you’re buying your ticket on the insulin level roller coaster.

When your insulin levels get out of control, you gain fat, you get diseased, and you may accelerate your trajectory toward death. Yup, it’s no party and since you probably want to party it up a bit more in this life, it’d behoove you to check yourself with the carb/sugar dependence before you wreck yourself.

On the 30 Day Challenge, grains are out. They’re still out once the 30 Day Challenge ends because grains contain highly inflammatory compounds that act like poisons to our bodies. Instead, with the Paleo method of eating – which follows along the facts of evolutionary science of humans – you consume your carbs from mostly vegetables and a few fruits. Athletes should use starchy carbs like sweet potatoes, yams, yucca, or spaghetti squash before and after exercise to fuel and replenish the energy stores of the body. 

I’ve gotten down to 96-125g of carbs per day (approx**I’m not being crazy about tracking, just eating to satiety & best-guessing the amount in the Livestrong acct) while many Paleo folk get themselves to 50-75g of carbs per day. I’ve yet to figure out how to get that low and feel good…I know I need to keep working at being more comfortable with eating more protein per sitting. If it’s red meat, I can get about 6oz in per meal, but if its other types of protein, it’s tough to do more than 4. I’ve also got to keep my fat intake up – protein & fat provide good fuel sources for the body, but only once you’ve re-trained your system to stop looking f0r that simple carb boost every couple hours. (which was totally what I used to do, and now am working to un-do)

To recap: Paleo eating focuses on fat & protein. I’m getting about 130g protein & almost 100g fat per day (some days I do better than others with the fat intake). I’ve gotten 96g of carbs but usually fall between 100-125g per day. Fully integrated Paleo-folk who are similar size to me (remember, how much you eat will depend on your size, gender, athletic level) are getting about as much protein, but are also getting 130g fat and under 75g carbs.


Breakfast: 1 chicken sausage + bowl strawberries + Tbsp sliced almonds (we got organic fresh strawberries on sale a few weeks back, sliced them up, froze them individually on cookie sheets, then bagged them into freezer bags. make the most of sales on fresh produce gang!)

Snack: protein shake + mixed nuts (not everything needs to be cooked and prepped, have simple things around that you can turn to when you’re on the go. Just don’t get in the habit of always picking the fast option)

Lunch: pulled pork (about 5 oz) + asparagus in olive oil + banana and almond butter (made a big batch of asparagus & saved some for lunch – no matter what I ended up getting at lunch since I knew I’d be on the go, at least I’d have a delicious serving of veg with me! Did you know asparagus are highly alkalinzing in the body? That means they make your pH level more basic and less acidic. Acidic bodies are super hosts for disease, alkaline bodies are not.)

Pre-workout: Hammer gel

Dinner: ground beef with sundried tomatoes, spinach, onions, marinara sauce (I knew I had to train late & would not want to make dinner when I got home, so I made this quickly before leaving for my evening clients, took it with me, and gobbled it up between clients! Literally, this took me 10 mins to make: ground beef in pan, while browning chop onion & sun-dried tomatoes, once meat is browned add chopped items, stir, add marinara, stir, cover with a lid & turn to low heat. after a few mins, done!)

Snack: mixed nuts + 1 chicken sausage (I had eaten at 630pm, this was around 11:15pm, I normally would not be awake at that time but Drew was flying home from LA & didn’t get in till midnight. Almost 5 hours of being awake without eating just wasn’t going to happen, so I made sure I ate something that was mainly fat & protein as those are my most use-able nutrients at that time of night.)