30 Day Challenge: Meal Plan – Day 18

Posted on May 19, 2011


Those sugar cravings from the last few days are gone. That was a fine little moment for me…truly, I felt like, “have I done this to myself?” and of course, I have. There is  a hormonal shift for women as the month progresses, but I am the one who decides how I handle it.

We decide how we are going to react to life. Have you ever had a rough day and treated yourself to food and/or drink because “you deserve it”? Of course! We all do sometimes! Have you ever trained hard in a workout & known that you ‘totally earned that pizza for dinner’? I know for sure a girl in my run group did this last night, as she said as much during one interval. (It took everything I had to not speak up after hearing that, but really, on the track during a run is not the place to dive down that rabbit hole with someone) 

We all should enjoy ‘off-roading’ our nutrition from time to time. For a special occasion, for something really delicious, or for a significant moment in time. But because it’s 3pm and you’re bored? That’s not a good reason to dive into something sweet…that’s more a dive into comfort than anything else. And if you feel fine with that, and your optimal health isn’t compromised (it will be if this is a regular occasion) then maybe you choose to go ahead and dive right in when the 3pm craving hits. Or maybe you don’t. And you become conscious of the control YOU have to choose the best for yourself. 

Breakfast: 2 eggs YAY! + 3 strips bacon + 1/4 cup cooked spinach (from frozen) (did you know how excited I was to have eggs today?? SO excited! Prior to last Sun, I took 2 wks off eggs b/c I’m in the auto-immune category thanks to non-celiac gluten intolerance. you’ve got to test yourself for an egg intolerance if you’re auto-immune, 2 wks off, then a test of that food & watch what happens. Unfortunately, last Sun def had some cross-contamination & I got sickysick. So I waited a few days to simmer down then today was the day for eggs. So far, so good! No symptoms! Going to give it a few more days w/o eggs, then test them again, just to be sure. How do you do your bacon? I cook mine in the oven – far less mess, cooks super fast, and crispy! I put foil on my baking sheet, throw them in the oven as I’m turning it on to 375 & let them go till I smell them. #baconequalsyum)

Lunch: 1 boiled new potato + bowl of chicken salad (approx 1/3 of a lb?) + 5 large asparagus broiled with coconut oil (Did you know coconut oil has properties that make it antimicrobial, antiviral, & antifungal? It acts like a little scrubber inside your body AND it’s rich in MCFAs – medium chain fatty acids – which are fatty acids that are converted directly to energy in your body i.e. it can help your metabolism. They are also in coconut milk – you want the carton, not the canned kind for drinking.)

Snack: apple + almond butter + leftover chicken salad (another 1/3 of a lb?) + small handful cashews/dried cranberries (wasn’t feeling all “let’s eat!” this afternoon…the overall size of this meal could fit as a ‘small meal’ but I was eating one part of it when I got home, then the rest an hour or so before going to track. So it was spread out a bit. Since this was a pre-workout meal for what is always a heavy session on the track, I made sure I had the apple, cranberries & grapes in the chicken salad. 

Pre-Workout: Hammer Gel

Post-Workout Dinner: leftover italian sauced meat + leftover 1/4 cup spinach + 1 large sweet potato (a client of mine teased me today about eating only 1/2 a sweet potato, “just eat the whole darn thing!” she said. I want to clarify the size of the sweets I buy so you can measure accordingly too. There are skinny ones that are short, I eat the “whole darn thing” for those. There are fat ones that are short – depending on if a workout is upcoming or just occurred or if I’m just ‘kickin it’ determines how much of those I eat – ‘kickin it’ only needs 1/2 a sweet. There are big ones that are several inches wide & long – I eat 1/2 of those no matter what. I hope that clarifies any size issues with your sweets! A note on the spinach, last night I ran to a regular grocery store near where we went to dinner because I had to get a couple things – one of them being a vegetable for breakfast – I knew the fridge was almost bare b/c we buy enough to get through mid-week. There were ZERO organic veg & the non-organic veg just looked pitiful. Almost out of luck, I thought, “the freezer section!” Frozen veg is often flash frozen in the field, and I knew I’d find some kind of organic veg there! And I was right – I found organic chopped frozen spinach. I love that kind of spinach, it reminds me of being a kid…don’t as me why, it just does, and it’s awesome. You don’t even need anything on it! Just simmer it on the stove, strain it, serve it. 

Snack: handful mixed nuts (almonds, cashews, dried cranberries)