30 Day Challenge: Day 17 – Meal Plan

Posted on May 18, 2011


Stay strong!

Wow. Hormones definitely affect your desire/need for certain foods. I knew I’d always craved chocolate at certain times of the month, but man o man, Day 16 & 17, I could have stolen candy from a baby and not thought twice about it. I found myself not feeling satisfied from my regular Paleo meal plan, yes, I understand that my body doesn’t NEED something sweet, but when those hormones shift, well, someone forgot to tell your hormones that. I found myself circling into the kitchen, opening the fridge, looking inside, waiting for that magical item that would tend to the desire to pop up. It never did. At one point, I was staring down the raw honey in the cabinet, like a wild west duel about to go bad. But! I never gave in. Never. I wanted to eat a piece of chocolate, but I wanted more to be true to the Challenge and come out of it saying, I’d successfully avoided those sweet treats for 30+ days. Will I have a piece of chocolate on Day 31? Maybe. Maybe not. I know for-sure that I will eat far less junk in the future. I mean, we eat so clean already, but this is showing me just how often I’d choose a sweet-tasting treat like a chocolate flavored larabar, a piece of dark chocolate, vanilla-flavored coffee. I’m far better without that stuff in my life as much…here’s what I ate yesterday.

Oh! PS – Many of you have been asking me to give more recipes. Will do! I write how I made many of my meals in the italics after the bold typed meal recap, but I also have recipes that are GF saved up in my “Recipes” & “Must haves for Health” sections. Just sub out the dairy or grain if you’re doing Paleo with me. I’ll keep re-writing those older recipes & putting up new ones we try so you can easily take and make any of them.

In-workout: 1 Hammer Gel 

Breakfast: leftover chicken/cabbage coleslaw + handful mixed nuts (almonds/cashews/cranberries) + bowl strawberries (This leftover chicken/cabbage deal was not my hottest endeavor to-date. I took a bag of coleslaw, NO SAUCE in it, just the cabbage/carrot mix. I shredded some chicken that I’d seasoned with salt, pepper & allspice & threw it in the coleslaw. I took some lemon, apple cider vinegar, & olive oil mixed up and poured over it. Then added some thinly sliced green apples, mixed it up, and ate. In theory, it sounds great. In practice, it was bland. I’d welcome any suggestions on how to fluff it up a bit in flavor…normally chicken salad and coleslaw have a creamy-ish sauce, but being dairy free, I don’t know how to do that yet, or if there’s a better mixture I could make to coat everything in the salad…let me know if you try this and get it to work out well. To finish it, I just poured my bbq-salsa on it and stuffed it down.)

Lunch: leftover chicken/cabbage coleslaw + 1/2 jicama + home-made guacamole + handful mixed nuts (I sliced the jicama into “chips” and scooped up my homemade guac with them. For the guac, I used 1/2 an avocado, 1/2 an heirloom tomato, a squeeze of lime & a dash of celtic sea salt.)

Snack: 2 slice Applegate Farms turkey (get that protein!)

Dinner: @ Bonefish Grill (shrimp/scallops with mango salsa + side veggies) + 1 glass red wine (what a waste. why can’t restaurants cook food to taste good AND healthy?! I used to love Bonefish, you could get that meal I ate gluten free and it was a good size and tasted great! Last night, since we’re dairy free during the Challenge, I asked how the shrimp/scallops were cooked and same for the veggies – using butter or oil. They cooked the veg in butter, so I asked them to do that in oil instead. They do the fish in a soybean oil – BLAH! DISGUST! I would never choose to eat soybean oil but since it was such a rarity that we ate there, I just left that as it was. So the meal comes, clearly everything has been steamed..the shrimp were rubbery, scallops were salvageable when smothered in the mango salsa, and I didn’t even touch the veggies. I know! Terrible! Not 1 serving of veg at dinner, but they were disgusting…I don’t like steamed veg to begin with, which is why I said they could cook them in oil, but they steamed everything, and well, I make way more flavorful food at home for 1/3 the price. Sigh, I need to open a restaurant.)

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