30 Day Challenge: Meal Plan – Day 15

Posted on May 16, 2011


We took Week 2 pics yesterday! Drew & I are doing these for the sake of seeing any changes in our shape that happen. We know we’re not the typical person who starts the 3o Day Challenge – many folks have weight to lose when they find Paleo – not all!…but many. So the before/afters you see in many of the Paleo forums are pretty amazing from day 1 to day 30. I’m not expecting or trying to look drastically differently. But my bet was that both Drew & I would see our lean muscle tissue increase & our fat mass decrease a bit since we’d be fueling with higher quality nutrients.

Boy was I surprised when I saw my profile pic! I’m putting these up so you can see them…gotta love that all my clients who respect me in the gym are going to see me half naked…oh who am I kidding?! If I could walk around in a swim suit every day, I would. I’ve joked that I’d love to be able to go running in those brief bottoms the Olympic girls wear because they look so comfy, but I’m so slow that I’d just look like a slow girl running around in underwear. (meals listed after the pics)



















 Pre-Long Run: protein shake + 1 small sweet potato topped with 2 Tbsp unsweetened applesauce/3 crushed pecans/cinnamon (fast becoming one of my favorite breakfasts for pre-workout! I’m also getting better at eating more before an endurance training session…pre-strength training I still eat lighter b/c I sometimes get nauseous anyways from the intensity of the strength workout, but for long runs, I’m feeling great with this size of meal!)

Post-Long Run: leftover meat sauce/green bean meal + tall Americano black (frozen to the bone, I wanted anything that would warm me. This leftover meal was the same as what I made this night for dinner…it was SO good we made it twice!)

Lunch: spinach salad(spinach, tomatoes, shredded carrots/beets/brocolli, 1 Tbsp sliced almonds, 1 Tbsp dried cranberries) w/ 1 tsp olive oil/lemon juice + 3 slices deli turkey + 1/2 cup sweet potato (I don’t do salads often, they’re not my favorite, and many people do not digest raw veggie as well as cooked…you’ve got to have enough enzymes in your gut to digest a raw veggie well, and many people don’t have that. I take a digestive enzyme at every meal, so this helps with absorption of nutrients from raw veg and other foods I eat)

Snack: handful mixed nuts (almonds, cashews, dried cranberries)

Dinner: Home-made sauced meat over broiled zucchini + fried yucca (recipe is going to get it’s own page, look for it to be posted tonight with picture! This post is just full already so breaking the recipe up into its own piece so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle makes sense to me…again, this was a stupid-good meal!)

Late Snack: 1/2 cup applesauce + couple pecans (I wanted some non-dairy ice cream really bad…why? I don’t know, I’m coming up to the time when I crave sweets each month, so maybe that’s it? I haven’t had a freaking sweet besides fruit for 20 days, it’s annoying, but the results so far can’t be denied…dammit…I just want a sweet…whatever, its fine, I don’t need it anyways.) 🙂

I know, I was totally carb-y today. I’d chalk that up to the horrid run I made it through that morning. I usually make the most of my workouts, even in undesirable conditions…even telling myself in the 1st 5mins of a 10 mile run, “what if its raining on race day? you’ve got to be ready!”…but this was hands-down the worst run I’ve ever been on. I know I’m preaching to the choir on this if you live in the Midwest, but seriously, I was mentally, physically, emotionally beaten. down.  by that weather. Non-stop rain, little drops, the kind that soak you without ever really feeling them. 20-30mph sustained winds, gusting higher. Temp at 45, but wind chill at 22.

It wasn’t so bad heading out, because I’d set up a route that went out then did lots of double backs to get the full distance covered while working my way back home. When I turned the corner to head back north, and was given a full-body smackdown by the wind –  I seriously wanted to cry! I was getting pushed so hard that I was literally getting blown across the sidewalk, getting pushed backward by the wind, and having to pump my arms so hard just to make any forward progress. The double-backs that ran west/east weren’t so bad, and I’d regain my composure, tell myself I’m tough enough, and would get ready to attack those north/south parts of the route. Then I’d turn into it, get smashed by wind and rain, and just want to cry all over again. The only words that went through my head on every north/south section was “one foot in front of the other Kate, just one foot then the other.”

I didn’t drink my water, didn’t take a gel – I just couldn’t! Any distraction from my forward motion might mean I will stop and not start again, and I couldn’t afford that. No one was coming to get me so I may as well just keep running towards home. My arms were locked into run-form and were so cold that I couldn’t waste energy opening my water anyways and when I finallyfinallyFINALLY got home, I just laid down on the floor then crawled to a hot shower. I was frozen to the bone, beaten down by the weather, and aside from getting the mileage in, have no data to verify what I accomplished for that run since Garmin said “eff you” about mile 3 and shut off. I would have shut off too if I’d been dragged out into the rain & wind but some of us have a 10mile race coming up so shuting off was not an option.

Oh well, the mileage is in my legs now, it’s almost time to race (2 weeks away!) & training for the 10mile race seems to be going really well while doing the 30 Day Challenge! No grains and I still have energy to race?! Shocking! 😉 NOT. Your body doesn’t need grains to get enough carbs. Read back on the meal plan posts to see what I’m eating to see how it could work for you!