30 Day Challenge: Recap of Day 13/14

Posted on May 15, 2011


Thank goodness it cooled off a bit after the heat wave of this past week! As we’ve been going through this 30 Day Challenge, different cravings have definitely come up…the 1st week, not having my little square of Dove dark chocolate was annoying. Week 2? Less chocolate cravings – that’s for sure! But with this heat, guess what reared its ugly little head? BEER. (gluten free of course). It was SO HOT this week, and I had no A/C, which made the idea of a cold beer after a day’s work a beautiful thought. But, no grains means no grains, so no beer for Kate.

The big lesson from Week 2 of the Challenge? It doesn’t have to be perfect, just do the best with what you have.

One night I got home, all excited about cooking a ridiculously tasty dinner…to find out I’d forgotten a key ingredient & the meat wasn’t fully thawed. So I changed course & put together a quick simple meal with what I had that still met my 30 Day Challenge guidelines (no grains, no dairy, no legumes) & filled me up.

Day 13 was one of those days that many of you probably also have in your life. Not-normal schedule, lack of groceries in the house, trying to do right by your body but very little potential for success in there. In those moments, it really matters that you stick to your guns & follow through on your commitment to yourself. It’s easy to stay committed when you have a full fridge of groceries, a Sunday at home with plenty of time to cook, & no commitments that take you away from your pre-planned meals at home.

I had a dentist appointment after my AM run & needed to be packed for the rest of the day & night, as I wouldn’t be returning to my place till Sat. I had breakfast post-run, went to the dentist, and thought I was going to head down to my naturopaths’ then over to lunch with Drew. I even grabbed a banana & nut butter to eat in the car so I wasn’t a total monster in need food when I got to lunch with Drew. Thank goodness I did that because I ended up forgetting some things at my house that I would need later & so lunch got pushed back a bit. Late lunch at Chipotle…then off to a new experience for me. A little pre-planning amidst a non-plan day can save you later on.

Drew’s been taking Bikram yoga & asked if I’d take a class with him. Not a fan of Bikram, I reluctantly agreed to go. 90 mins of 105 degree yoga in a room that began to funkify with body odor about mid-way through. Maybe it was just my spot as I was next to a guy & let’s admit…guys tend to reek a bit more than girls when sweating. Either way, I wasn’t super jazzed about the class. I did find value in it though – and usually, it’s what you like least in your training program that you should spend more time doing. (sigh, I hate how true that is) 

Value I found in Bikram: *I don’t spend that much time stretching in 1 shot ever. Oh I stretch! If I tell my athletes they need it, I absolutely practice what I preach. But like I tell my athletes to do, I get 10 mins here, 20 mins there of rolling/stretching/movement prepping. *Some of the poses got me into positions that were clearly effective for hip release, lat stretching, biceps tendon lengthening. *A fair amount of balance work done in the poses, so good for proprioceptive training. Things I disliked: *So much sweat that you can’t maintain a grip on your arms on some poses. *The heat just got annoying after a while. Yeah, sweating, got it. 95 degrees would feel so much better than 105.

After class, I was brain-dead, loopy & starving. I needed food – NOW – and told Drew so. Ran to Target nearby to grab a box of mixed fruit & some apples for later. That fruit tasted as good as a beer would have in the heat wave! So glad I ate too because we went out for dinner at a local tapas place – that I would totally recommend – but only if you’ve got for-ev-er to wait for your food. Seriously. Forever. And being tapas, yes, the portions are small. Then we needed to meet some friends out to celebrate a birthday, and simply isn’t worth it to order drinks out for me right now – tequila is pricey in a bar, and very few wines in bars taste good in my opinion.

By midnight (which is uber late for us these days!) when we headed home, both Drew & I were starved. We knew there was no food at home but what to do? Nothing’s open, too late to cook a meal…the next few minutes included a discussion of whether we could successfully order a Steak & Shake burger and not get contaminated with gluten or dairy. We decided to go for it. Steak & Shakes’ website says their burgers are 100% beef so we’d order 2 double burgers minus everything & eat an apple from what I’d bought earlier. See? Plan ahead even a tiny bit & you’ll reap the benefits later.

So at midnight we were eating & went straight to bed. Straight up protein & a bit of fiber & carbs – could have done a LOT worse! The next morning was out to brunch with the same group of friends – it was time to try eggs. Would I have preferred to try eggs for the 1st time in 2 weeks at home where I was in total control? Yes. Was that a possibility? No. So at brunch, I tried eggs & a skillet of veggies & some bacon. And I promptly got sick. I can’t be too surprised though – you have very little chance of coming out unscathed from a breakfast restaurant – so I’ll wait 4 days for my system to clear any inflammation I brought on it with that meal & will try making eggs at home. I really hope I’m not at-issue with eggs, but having an autoimmune condition with non-celiac gluten intolerance, eggs are something you’ve got to check on to be sure it’s not problematic to your gut. A two week hiatus from all egg products then reintroduction should give you some clue to where you stand with eggs.

Since I got sick Sat morning from the meal, the rest of Sat was a bit of a wash with food. Not really hungry, a little fearful to eat, but so ready to try the awesome recipe that was a no-go earlier in the week. And let me tell you. It turned out….RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. Here’s a hint at what it was, you’ll get full recipe tomorrow when I post today’s meal recap (it was so good I’m making it again tonight!) 3 ingredients included in the meal: yucca, tomato paste, green beans.