30 Day Challenge: Meal Plan – Day 11

Posted on May 12, 2011


Today was the day of the non-meal plan. It went from cold and dreary to insanely hot and humid over the last two days – 90 degrees & dew points over 70. That’s hot. No one’s complaining, we want summer, but the heat definitely took a toll on my hunger levels yesterday. Why? Because I sweated it out in that heat all day & night….there’s no A/C on in my building yet and it was as hot in my place as it was outside! So when not with clients, I sat in front of the fan, stripped down to sweat-catching workout clothes, chugging bottles of water for the track workout that was due up later yesterday evening.

The heat zapped my appetite. I woke up hot & sweaty. Worked hot & sweaty. Had to be ready for what would be a hot & sweaty track workout (so thus was eating carefully so my stomach would be on-point still on the 6th sprint (for those who love track workouts, we had 1000’s to do last night…love it or hate it, that’s a lot of work.) of a hot, steamy night. It ended up absolutely pouring on us by the end of the workout, but that felt just lovely, to the extent that it cooled us & soaked any part of us that was not already soaked in sweat.

One big lesson with doing the 30 Day Challenge. YES. You’ve got to plan to make it work. Sure, you can buy the food but if you don’t plan, some of it will go bad in your fridge. You could even cook up a big batch of meat & veg but if you don’t plan (i.e. follow the commitment you made) picking up a meal on the way home will sound better than leftovers & you’ll let that  food go bad.

Once you go & spend your money on the food (which by the way, we averaged the 1st week approx. $160-180 worth of food for 2 people. That includes grass fed beef & other proteins, 21 different veggies – mostly organic, 3 different fresh herbs, a couple planned meals at Chipotle & enough fruit – again, organic – for approx 1 serving per day for both Drew & I. I don’t care how you slice it, that is a totally reasonable price to pay for majorly high quality food that is filling & healthful. Eating healthy does NOT cost more.)

Ok, off my soapbox…where were we? Oh yeah, once you got and spend the $$, you’ve got to make sure you’ll cook it all/eat it all. Make enough so you have leftovers. Get over the notion that it’s too much ‘work’ to cook when you come home. Before starting our own company, I got home at 8 after working 13 hours and having done my own workout before my work day, and I started on dinner. If you just dive right in, it can be on the table in as little as 10 mins flat if you’ve got a simple dinner or 30 mins if you’re going to be waiting on things to simmer or there are multiple components. You’ve just got to do it.

Breakfast: leftover chicken + leftover kale salad (see? not hungry for much due to the heat)

Snack: MRM Protein Shake + handful mixed nuts – almonds, cashews, cranberries(got the hunger going by this point!)

Lunch: Spinach Salad – raw spinach + leftover chicken + 1/2 heirloom tomato + home-made blueberry vinaigrette(this vinaigrette was stupid-easy to make. I looked in the fridge, saw the leftover blueberries, mashed them with a fork in a bowl, added a dash of apple cider vinegar, a dash of olive oil, a touch of water to thin it out & a smidge of celtic sea salt & pepper. Whisked it together while trying to smash the berries more so more juice would come out. That’s really all it takes to make a vinaigrette folks! Can I just say how freaking awesome heirloom tomatoes are?? Except the green-ish ones. those are too acidic for me, but the rest of them? yum! go find an heirloom tomato if you’ve never tried one!)

Snack: 1/4 cantaloupe + 2 slices deli turkey + handful mixed nuts + couple bites unsweetened applesauce(this was all in the lead-up to the track workout, which was going to be hot, steamy, & difficult <–aren’t they always. I normally eat fairly normally leading up to workouts, but knowing the humidity would rack our guts out there, I was extra cautious to keep it light. This seemed to work fine for the workout. I was a little loopy at one point, but a gel mid-workout took care of that.)

Dinner: leftover pork curry + grilled asparagus + 1 sweet potato + 1 glass wine(This is one of my favorite meals: any protein with grilled asparagus & a sweet potato. Since it was soaked from head to toe & had my butt handed to me on the track, I called Drew to tell him I was on my way & would he please stick a bottle of white in the fridge. 🙂 A glass of wine whilst watching the rain come down, sounds good to me, but keep in mind, alcohol is NOT something you should be diving into every night if leaning out & performing your best is your goal. If you simply must, get it done early so it doesn’t interrupt your sleep. Bear in mind, alcohol shuts down your growth hormone, which we need to grow muscles, stay youthful & keep our functions running smoothly. Even as you age, you can still hang on to your growth hormone, but it will be stunted for hours after consuming alcohol. No boozy-boozy all the time-y, ok?)