30 Day Challenge: Week 1 Recap – Days 7/8

Posted on May 9, 2011


We’ve past the 1 week mark! I’ve made some mistakes and have had some huge successes. That’s how shifts in your way of life tend to go. It’s not all going to be perfect, so just expect that there will be small errors along the way that you can learn from. (And more for me, who finds something she loves and tends to ride it to death…just because you find your new favorite meal in week 1 – We did! – that does not mean you should eat it on a much-too-regular basis.)

The value of the Paleo way of eating is that you can create massive variety in what you eat. We tend to eat the same 10-12 foods in our diet – that’s it! Just 10-12! That’s a super way to miss key nutrients, develop food intolerances & bore yourself to death. Take a look at this list of just the produce we ate this week & see what I mean: swiss chard, broccoli, purple cabbage, jicama, avocado, tomato, onion, garlic, sweet potato, spaghetti squash, zucchini, green pepper, beets, apples, bananas, strawberries, applesauce(unsweetened), yucca, sauerkraut, cauliflower, green beans. That’s 21 different produce items!

Previous to the Challenge starting, Drew & I ate healthfully already. Most of our friends & family think we eat ‘strict’, but that’s not the word I use. We eat the foods that fuel us, we try to do right by our bodies, we work as fitness pros so part of our passion draws us to understanding the nutrient breakdowns of food & how they affect our body. This past week has challenged me (I did most of the Paleo cooking this week) to give foods I don’t usually choose a try: purple cabbage in a stir-fry? m’eh. Purple cabbage in jicama slaw? Now we’re talking! And it’s cool to have gotten something purple into my diet this week, how often do you get the full rainbow of produce on your plate?

One thing of note in the produce list above – there are no peas, carrots, or corn. That frozen veggie combo used to be the extent of my ‘cooking’ abilities when I would make Drew & myself dinner when we first started spending time together. It’s so cool to have come so far from that nutrient-lacking veggies! If I can do it, you can do it.

No meal recaps for the weekend – Days 7/8 – I was all over the place and so really did not sit down to a proper meal at any point. I ate, of course! But I was reheating leftovers I brought for myself at a get-together, was eating post-long run then eating a quick snack shortly after so I would be full on fuel because I was heading out to a place where there would not be food I could eat so…it was that kind of weekend.

I shopped for week 2 yesterday. We buy the items from the meal plan in Robb Wolf’s book through about Wed. That way we aren’t overloaded with produce that may go bad before we get to  it. Then we’ll shop again for whatever we still need mid-week. It’s been surprising each time we check-out at Whole Foods, we expect the food to cost way more than it does, but we really are getting a lot of filling, nutritious food for what we’re paying!

Ok, Week 1 Recap Thoughts for you:
– Apparently, I weigh 1 lb less than last week. I’m not doing this to lose weight, I don’t need to lose weight. I would like to get more lean though! And reducing inflammation will help my body further reduce body fat, so eating the right foods is key to doing that. 

– I had a belching problem prior to starting. I NEVER used to belch, but started doing so recently…my naturopath thought it had to be a food intolerance I experiencing…he tested me & thought it was any grain or corn. Sure enough, I take all grains/corn out and there’s been almost no belching. Who wants to bet $ its related? We’ll see when I re-introduce a grain to test the theory at the end of the Challenge.

– I also have a skin condition, that I’ve had my whole life, where the backs of my arms & back get raised bumps on them. I was always told, “that’s just how you are”. Since overhauling my diet when I went gluten free, they went down SIGNIFICANTLY. But I still had some of them. They’ve stayed down this week, but they are still there. Previously, I’d eat something (no idea what, since most days included eggs, corn, or peanuts in my energy bars) & would get a reaction where my skin would get more pronounced raised bumps. We’ll see if a few more weeks helps that out.
– I craved chocolate at times this past week. I’ve probably never gone 2 weeks without chocolate in some form (in my energy bar, a Dove Dark Chocolate mini, a dish of chocolate coconut milk ice cream). Now I can say I have since I took the chocolate out before starting the 30 Day challenge. It’s mildly annoying at times to think of it, not get to eat it, and try to move on with the day without satisfying the craving. But in the grand scheme, it’s really not hard compared to some things in this world.

– I do not really like tuna. On sushi? Yes. On its own as a lunchtime topper to my salad? Not really. Ok, no big loss there. And now at least I’ve tried it. And yes, I tried it, knew in the 1st 3 bites I didn’t like it, but ate the rest of it because I’m a big girl, paid for it, and knew it was giving me healthy things. You don’t have to make yourself suffer to eat healthfully, but you do need to try things out before saying you don’t like them. 

– Training workouts have gone well despite changing all of the foods that go around my workouts. I normally would do eggs or greek yogurt pre and/or post workout. Go back and look at the food logs & see the different things I’ve tried. Since I’m an endurance athlete, the sweet potato will make a semi-regular appearance because of the carbohydrate boost they provide…and for those asking, the unsweetened applesauce resembles an energy gel in terms of quick nutrition!, so a few bites of it before heading out for a hard workout works for me. 

Bring on Week 2!