30 Day Challenge: Meal Plan – Day 4

Posted on May 4, 2011


Some of you know, I have added track workouts to my program this spring. Today was my 1st day eating with a really intense workout requiring proper fuel.  I’ve already done a 30 Day Challenge day for a long run (Day 1), now time to do one where I may just see my meals come back up. Good times!

Track workouts are awesome because there is no hiding on the track. Either you perform, or you don’t – and a solid workout on the track will almost always guarantee a bit of puke to show up in your mouth. Not everyone should waltz on over to a track workout near them tomorrow though. You really should be biomechanically sound & should build a solid cardio base before heading over to the local track team workout. But once you’ve got those things, the main thing that would connect you to everyone else who attends the workout is the desire to perform (hopefully at their best!)

Take the track group I workout with…there’s a few deaf folks, bigger people, smaller people, even a vegan (hey, everyone has a right to their food choices, but vegans, they are a curious bunch). Point is, all kinds of people are stepping outside of comfortable! You should be doing something regularly that stretches you athletically. Yes, at any age & fitness level – you need to be stepping out of ‘comfort’ and into ‘challenging.’ You could join a track group. You could join a tennis league. How bout attending a yoga class weekly if you’re a diehard weight-lifting fanatic? Buy a workout dvd to do at home if your normal routine is to walk around the block. If you’re not challenged athletically, your balance, stability, mobility, flexibility, cardiovascular function, kinetic chain function, even your mental sharpness can & will suffer.

Ok, on to the meal recap of the day! By the way, yes, I puked in my mouth tonight. No, it would not have mattered what it was, it was still gross. And I’m thinking intense workouts run the same mental machinery as childbirth, because not more than 2 mins after said puking-in-mouth incident, I heard myself saying to a fellow athlete, “what a great workout! I feel good!”Ahh, endorphins.

Breakfast: grass-fed beef burger + 1/2 sweet potato + KIND almond & coconut bar (again, star-ving when I woke up, went immediately to kitchen & got breakfast heated up. This kept me full for 3 hours…better than the usual 1.5 hrs!)

Snack: 1/2 bottle of kombucha tea + MRM Protein Shake mixed with water (easy, tasty, ’nuff said)

Lunch: 1 cup cabbage lightly stir-fried in olive oil, topped with tuna (canned in water) & Bragg’s Spice Blend (24 herbs & spices, all in 1 jar!) + 1/2 cup frozen strawberries, thawed (this was out of Robb Wolf’s book also…not sure what I was missing since this essentially tasted like cabbage and tuna…it grew on me the more I ate, I can count this as my purple veggie this week. I don’t love tuna from a package so I did the best I could to eat 3 oz.)

Fit of Desperation Snack: 1 of those small bags of potato chips (since I was kinda like ‘whatever’ with the tuna, I was STARVED, borderline nauseous when I finished my last afternoon client. I drove straight to Whole Foods to get the jicama, turkey & guac that I knew I wanted for my afternoon supper before track, and damn them Whole Foods, those little baggies of kettle chips are right on the end cap of the turkey section & I grabbed one because  I was possibly going to die if I did not begin consuming a calorie rightthissecond. I usually have snacks, but being a track night, I didn’t quite have the pattern of nutrition down for today yet, but I’ll know how for next time!)

Light “Supper”: 1/4 jicama, cut into slices like chips + guacamole (maybe 2 Tbsp?) + 2 slices Applegate Farms smoked turkey breast (it’s track night, want to get carbs/fat/protein in but also want it to be light-ish leading up to the workout)

Pre-Workout: 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce + 2 crushed pecans + a shake of cinnamon (awesome pre-workout snack, all of the sugars from the fruit, none of the fiber to mess your gut up mid 4 x 800 repeat!)

Late “Dinner”: 3/4 green bell pepper cut into strips for dipping in guacamole + 3 slices deli turkey listed above + apple & raw almond butter (post-track workout meals are always tough. I’d like to have had some ground meat with tomato sauce & broccoli, but you never know how your stomach is going to feel and usually a full meal just finds me nauseous in bed two hours later)