30 Day Challenge: Meal Plan – Day 3

Posted on May 3, 2011


Today seemed like a better day all-around, although I was annoyingly hungry when I woke up. The taste for something sweet seems to be subsiding…happily replaced by a need to put a touch of celtic sea salt on everything…just kidding, not everything, just on my asparagus and my meats as they go in to cook.

I drank a cup of coffee (well, 1/2 a cup) plain today – why does anyone even bother?? I got some tips from a few “Coffee Superiors” and I may attempt an Americano sometime this month to see if I like that better. Thankfully, I have not felt like I really needed the cup of coffee, have woken up rested & refreshed, felt energized even till the last client does their last cool-down stretch at 730 or 8pm. There was a time when that was not the case – and to anyone suffering with fatigue, I know where you’re coming from! I thought I had chronic fatigue syndrome when I was 24…turns out I was just heavily inflamed- totally unhealthy on the inside thanks to Candida overgrowth, an acidic body & a gluten intolerance I was pissing off with regular consumption of sprouted grain english muffins. If you are tired, and need the cup of coffee throughout the day, take a look at what may be causing it, get in to see a naturopath who knows their stuff & get on the road to recovery!!

We ate something new today! It was AWE-SOME. If you wanted to make a non-bread version of a thick pretzel rod for dipping in hummus or guac, this is it! Yucca was something we never tried before because we didn’t know what to do with it. And given that the skin can sometimes contain toxic stuff & in the raw/wild can be used to make poison, its understandable why it’s probably not on most people’s dinner plates. Check out my meal recap of the day to see what we did with it!

Pre-workout: 10 strawberries, 1 Tbsp sliced almonds(woke up STARVING, seriously, massively hungry…but had to go run so couldn’t do the full breakfast before-hand)

Post-workout: sweet potato + leftover grass-fed ground beef + 1 piece avocado (see? you can have leftovers for breakfast & it’s fine. Sure, eggs are lovely, but remember, I’m staying egg-free for 2 wks since I’m dealing with the autoimmunity of gluten intolerance & eggs may be disruptive to my system. We’ll know in 2 wks or so when I try them and see how my body reacts)

Snack: Chicken-apple sausage patty + 1/2 cup coffee (normally would not have needed a snack, but I eat a late lunch on Tues, and with the AM run, I was a bit low on overall intake thus far…in the past, I’d have preferred a piece of fruit or a LARABAR, but getting enough protein in is important so I happily at the sausage instead. Remember gang, nitrate free, all natural (uncured if you’re doing bacon) for your breakfast meats, and keep them limited.

Lunch: Burger patty from the grill at Whole Foods w/ ketchup & sauerkraut + 5 spears grilled asparagus in olive oil + yucca! (a few pieces) (what a great lunch! Ok, here’s the deal with the YUCCA: it’s a root veg, so if weight loss is your deal, you don’t want to be main-lining potatoes/yuccas/bananas, as those carbs will end up being stored as fat since your liver glycogen is likely full or near-full. Moderation!! But if you’d like to try one, here’s what Drew did – cut off hard skin, did 1/2 the yucca as slices, the other 1/2 as long strips…both were good!…put a decent amount of olive oil in a pan, heat it, add the yucca so it browns in the oil – think mini-version of frying. When it browns, turn it over, brown the other side. Remove to a paper towel & dry off excess oil. Add salt if desired. I was totally impressed!! Crunchy, a little chip-like, a little bit like a pretzel rod. Nice little treat if eaten along with a meal that has protein & fat & if you’re not eating them from here to Tuesday.

Snack: Apple + raw almond butter from the nut butter maker at Whole Foods(that nut butter you make in-store is awesome! no oils, just nuts, tasty!! TRX strength workout this afternoon means that apple will be put to good use!)

Post-workout #2: 2nd burger patty from my lunch w/ ketchup**(ended up NOT eating this, thought I would need it, turned out I didn’t. whatever, when you’ve got the ability to feel ‘hunger’ – which some people actually don’t – just listen to your body)

Dinner: Slow Roasted Pork Loin (I’d say that this was Robb Wolf’s recipe, but he’d be pissed if I called what turned out as my dinner anything he created. I came home on lunch to get the crockpot going with the pork & veggies…only to realize, I don’t have a crock pot. How in the heck did I think I had a crockpot when I simply do not?! A quick internet search for slow-roasting pork in the oven & I was tentatively on my way. Most likely, I cooked it too long because what I ate for dinner tonight was a hard mass of pork meat & soggy veggies. The food is made though so I am eating it, and now I will know for next time. And that is the perpetual process of honing your craft in the kitchen!)

Late Night Update (it’s 915pm, how late is that??): 1 piece bacon + 3 slices yucca + 5 strawberries(dinner definitely did not do the trick to close down hunger for the night…had it tasted better, I’d definitely have gone for a bigger plate…remember people, USE a CROCKPOT when it says to USE a CROCKPOT…so had an after dinner snack I was pretty pleased with – protein, a teeny bit of starch from the yucca & some antioxidants in my berries!) Now it’s bedtime – gotta get that sleep – tonight, I’m going to get 8 hrs. oh yeah…how many are you getting?