30 Day Challenge: Meal Plan – Day 2

Posted on May 2, 2011


Well, last night ended well for Day 1. I was asleep by 930 and slept till 6am – sleep is an important part of living optimally fit! Not sleeping wrecks your cortisol levels, and as Robb Wolf says, “then the wheels start coming off the wagon.” So sleep was good – till about 445am, when I woke up to use the restroom and was nauseous. Lovely. I tried to sleep it off till 6 when I got up and, no luck, still nauseous. Hmm, what is causing this? Could be so many things of course, and food did not sound in the least bit interesting – NOT like me! But I tried to eat anyways, and wonderfully, the nausea subsided.

Here’s what I had today – definitely a less-structured day since it’s a heavy day of clients that leave little time to sit down….but still no reason not to get in all the good food we need to be healthy!

Breakfast: 1 protein shake + 1/2 sweet potato with 2 crushed pecans & cinnamon + 8 strawberries (since I wasn’t feel super snazzy, I opted out of the salmon leftovers I was supposed to eat…I’ll do leftovers tomorrow, just to prove to everyone that it really is ok to eat ‘non-breakfast foods’ for breakfast) 🙂

Snack: KIND Almond & Coconut bar(going to make sure I don’t rely on these too much, but we were shooting a video right after two back to back clients, so there wasn’t really time to eat except  for driving)

Lunch: Chipotle: double fajita veggies, barbacoa, medium salsa & a little guac (which to Chipotle employees still means ‘giant clump’) (Notice NO RICE, NO BEANS, DEFINITELY NO TORTILLA, NO DAIRY FATS i.e. S.CREAM or CHEESE…and I was perfectly satisfied with this meal. Approx 4 oz of protein, a solid amount of healthy fat from the guac, and veggies for carbs = done, meal complete)

Snack: banana + almond butter, iced coffee, few more swigs almond milk(remember, drinking from the carton is how we swing it around here, be warned if you visit, do not drink out of the carton :-)…also found that if I drink coffee through a straw, cold, and quickly, I can handle the less than ideal flavor of it…I know, I know, coffee nuts like Jerome Harrison are having a mild coronary at the thought of that)

Dinner: leftover chicken fajita salad + grilled asparagus(which is quite possibly the worlds’ greatest way to eat asparagus! a little olive oil, some celtic sea salt – all over the fire for a little grillin fun – so good! I could eat the entire bunch if the whole nutrient-dense-ness of asparagus didn’t fill me up first!)

Personal Recap of the day: Had less carbs than yesterday, noticed that!! Maybe a little too light for my needs with my job requirements as  I was a little starved at some points today, and that’s not my goal here. Too hungry = no happy happy. Also, I don’t know what it is about chicken/fish/turkey, but I just cannot get myself to eat more than 4 oz of that at one time – red meat or eggs? No issues, love every bite, but the white meats & fishes, I’ll enjoy but will quickly find myself having to work to finish them.

One thing I noted with breakfast – I lovelovelove having GF toast w/ eggs in the AM, but I often find myself hungry  a short while after. Makes sense since bread, even GF bread, is practically nutritionally barren when compared to a sweet potato or a pile of vegetables. I’m not shunning the toast, not at all!, but I’m realizing that I feel good & am not feeling like I ‘need’ something an hour later when I’ve been eating the sweet potato at breakfast. And feelings like this are why you do the 30 Challenge to start Paleo eating – doing so allows you to realize exactly what foods are or are not doing for you.

And a heads up for those interested in Cinco de Mayo Paleo-style, tequila is allowable IN MODERATION. If you plan on having a drink that day, you’ll need some tequila, limes & soda water. Ratio recipe on Thurs!