30 Day Challenge: The Meal Plan – Day 1

Posted on May 1, 2011


If you are just dropping by, make sure you check out this post so you can get the story on why we’re doing this 30 Day Challenge. To refresh, it’s 30 days no grains, dairy or legumes, no refined sugars (that includes stevia). What you can eat? Plenty of protein, veggies, a few fruits, a few nuts & healthy fats like coconut and olive oil. The Paleo way of eating kicks off with a 30 Day Challenge for a few key reasons:
1) eliminate those highly inflammatory foods so your gut has time to start the healing process that those foods are doing to your body
2) get far enough away from foods that may actually be causing a problem for you that you aren’t aware of until you re-introduce them and see the reaction your body gives you
3) to give you the chance to teach your body what real meals truly consist of i.e. kick those cravings you may not even realize you have for bread at breakfast, or something sweet at the end of lunch
4) to get you to eat a variety of foods you probably are not eating so that you get bountiful amounts of vitamins & minerals from whole food sources

Today was Day 1. I was more antsy about it than Drew was (according to Drew, who doesn’t deal with monthly cravings for chocolate) 😉 I know that I feel satisfied from one of those little Dove dark chocolate squares every so often…but I know that chocolate is not something that nutritionally satisifies me from a health standpoint (yeah yeah yeah dark chocolate has health benefits, but come on, we all know we probably rely on something like chocolate more than we should. Anyhoo – the alarm went off this morning & I thought, “mmm, coffee…oh, wait! no, I wasn’t going to do coffee today.” “Ok, fine, no biggie, don’t need it anyway, just enjoy it so save that for another day.”

You see, I do stevia in my coffee – no stevia for 30 days so I can reset my sweet taste buds. I’ll drink coffee with almond milk, but I don’t like it enough to go ahead and make it on a day when I really don’t NEED it. Had a long run to do today, so I needed to be aware that increased carb intake would be important today, less so on non-heavy training days.

Pre-workout: 1/2 sweet potato topped w/ 2 chopped pecans & cinnamon + 1 MRM Protein Shake + 1 swig of almond milk from the carton(yeah, that’s how we roll at my house…if you’re a guest, I’ll buy you your own carton when you stay with me)

During workout: 1 Hammer Gel + water

Post-workout/Breakfast: 2 chicken apple sausages + 1/2 sweet potato + electrolyte drink  (& an ice bath – blah!)

Lunch: Chicken Fajita Salad from Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution book (1/3lb chicken breasts sauteed in pan with onions, oil, cumin & oregano + diced green pepper on a bed of salad, topped with 1/4 avocado, 1/4 tomato) Only was able to eat 1/2 of my salad at “lunch” – took an hour long nap then ate the rest of it

Afternoon Snack: dried apple rings + 1 glass almond milk (was hungry-ish, but also noted that afternoon craving of something sweet kick in…from all the running today, and the massively anaerobic 5K yesterday, I’d hedge a bet that my sugar levels were a bit off)

Dinner: Roasted Salmon & Green Beans from Robb’s book (roasted green beans in olive oil & thyme, then added wild-caught salmon to the oven to cook. salmon was topped with 2 Tbsp chopped pecans & 2 tsp rosemary – this was the BEST version of salmon I’ve had in a long time!! I loaded my plate with green beans since I wasn’t eating a sweet potato with dinner tonight) Oh! How could I forget the small glass of wine I had with dinner?! A little booze is ok in Paleo eating, but not beer, and mainly clear liquors or wine simply because of the gluten in beers, and sugars in most other cocktails.

Evening Snack: KIND Almond & Coconut bar

Personal Recap of the day: Given that I had the luxury of napping today, I’d say it was a great day! As for cravings, between lunch and dinner, I definitely noted that I ‘would like to have’ something sweet. Even though Drew & I eat VERY healthfully already, we both know we can still benefit from doing something like this. For me, managing the cravings that may come up as a result of my hormonal changes (which men will never understand!) & filling myself up enough at a meal so I don’t get hungry an hour later will be good.

Getting hungry isn’t a bad thing, but perpetually feeling like I didn’t quite hit my satiety level is annoying…& given that nutritionally barren foods like toast were in my breakfast many days, its understandable that I’d feel unfulfilled…I love Rudi’s GF Toast, but do I need to use it for breakfast every day? Nope.

During my run, I felt great! The sweet potato was a great option for today, and I’ll be sharing more pre-workout meals as we go along. 

I definitely noted that I was cooking in the kitchen today – I always cook as it is, but I needed to make these bigger lunches & dinners today so that there would be grab ‘n’ go leftovers for lunches this week. Any busy person just needs to plan well if they are going to buy the food, cook the food, package the food for leftovers – but the benefit on your health? Definitely worth it!