Guessing Game|Behind Door #1 – Health & Longevity!

Posted on April 23, 2011


It’s guessing game time! I’m going to give you a clue, you guess what it is, then we’ll both find out if you’re on pace to win what’s behind door #1! The big prize here could be a longer, healthier life – if you’re down for that prize then giddy-up, let’s play, WHATS. THAT. HEALTH FOOD!!!!

1) It carries a compound that doesn’t break down all the way in a human gut, thus causing gut irritation, systemic inflammation, & potential for autoimmune disease.*


(yep, all those grains you eat as part of your ‘diet rich in whole grains’ as prescribed by Biggest Loser and a whole bunch of other mainstream, misinformed people. Did you know cereal is a slurry of grains formed into a flake or shape depending on the cereal & was originally invented at a sanitarium for use on the patients staying there as a way to ‘calm their loins’, yeah, it’s what you’re thinking – seriously, read the story here.)

2) It has molecules called anti-nutrients in it that fight against what vitamins, minerals, amino acids & helpful molecules try to do in your body.*

(foods in nature aim to survive, it’s built into their DNA – look at an apple, its seeds contain small amounts of poisons that are there by design. If an animal or human came along & ate the whole apple – seeds and all – then the apple would never reproduce & would eventually die off. Seeds can easily pass through stool & since pungent with the poison, can signal animals to avoid eating them, leaving them behind to mix into the soil and re-grow. Grains, while not full of cyanide like apples, have a hard endosperm there by design & when eaten, sets off molecules & chemicals that make it tough for your body to fully digest them – that grain is fighting for its life to make it out of your intestines & back to the earth for re-growth!)

3) It has a defense mechanism built into it similar to a soap molecule. Rather than attach itself to your carrier cells in the gut, it simply punches holes in the membranes of the gut lining cells*. <—It’s a bit barbaric don’t you think?

Answer: QUINOA. I know!! I know!  I was shocked when I learned this because I enjoyed quinoa & its complete profile of amino acids giving it a slightly higher protein content than other grains, but when I really looked at the science of it…well, read on…
(Quinoa is botanically NOT a grain, but it has evolved in a similar biological niche giving it similar properties to grains*. Grains essentially hitch a ride on your cells & generally wreak havoc on everyone through their chemical inflammation, regardless of if you are Celiac or non-Celiac gluten intolerant..but quinoa decides to skip that part & just punch a hole in your microvilli (hold your hand up with the fingers apart, that’s what your inside of your gut looks like with cells all over that surface area of finger-like folds). If you punch a hole in the microvilli, you’ve just opened the door for food particles to slip out of the gut…hello leaky-gut syndrome! And this is how people can become intolerant to seemingly innocuous things like chicken, garlic, and cinnamon.

4) Contains a molecule that makes the immune system mount a response to it (as a good little immune system should do) however also makes a close match to cells you already have in your body, like pancreas cells, and sets the scene for the immune system to mount that same attack it had against the molecule to the pancreas cells.*

“But I don’t have Celiac!” you say, I know, many people don’t have Celiac. You don’t have to have Celiac to have an immune response to grains*. All humans react similarly to grains, and those with Celiac or non-Celiac gluten intolerance (what I have) simply have a more intense reaction than non-Celiacs. But the reaction is still there in non-Celiacs: when grains are eaten regularly, the body is perpetually dealing with these inhospitable jerky molecules creating inflammation (the root of most diseases) and creates the possibility for your body to begin mounting an attack against its own cells creating auto-immune diseases that seem to pop out of nowhere but can be tied to leaky gut & the autoimmune response that creates. See list below:
-Type 1 diabetes
– Multiple Sclerosis
-Rheumatoid Arthritis
– Huntington’s
– Non-Hodgkins’ lymphoma
– Hypothyroidism
– Porphyria

I’m not posting this to annoy you about your grain consumption, I’m doing this because the more I learn about food & nutrition, the more I can see the CLEAR LINK between what you eat & how sick or healthy you become. Since I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance 2 years ago, we’ve studied grains & how being gluten free positively impacts health, and now we’re studying the differences between Neolithic (post-agricultural revolution) and Paleolithic (pre-agricultural revolution) foods.

Those of you who know about Paleo diets & hate anything that takes away your beloved grains, don’t roll your eyes, there is some serious science around this. We are not studying it because we want this to be the next fad in diets. We are studying it because as students of human science, we are literally eating up all of these studies & scientific proof showing how foods we thought were healthy are negatively impacting our health & longevity.  

In the month of May, Drew & I are going to be doing a Nutritional Challenge – and blogging about it. If you’re so inclined to join us, super! We’ll be using scientific studies & the teachings of biochemist Robb Wolf & former professional marathoner/resident-smart-guy Mark Sisson. Check back this week for updates on what will be included in the Nutritional Challenge.

*Excerpts of Robb Wolf’s book, The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet were included in this post. Studies proving this data are listed in the back of Robb’s book.