Living life like an iphone|There should always be a new/better version of you coming out

Posted on March 18, 2011


Rarely do I value the things I see on weight loss show, Biggest Loser. God bless the shows’ intentions! However, the actions Biggest Loser trainers take to push their morbidly obese clients to 2olb weekly weight losses are sometimes questionable by those educated & certified in the training field. The crazy intensities the contestants bodies may not be stable enough to handle, the verbal beatdowns, and the annoyingly fake product placements, and then the end result of many contestants gaining some of the weight back once the show ends.

For long term, real-life success – Biggest Loser is pretty far from that truth. Even season 9 winner Michael Ventrella said that when I interviewed him recently. But every so often…there’s a gem that comes out of that show and this is by-far the best one I’ve heard in 11 seasons of that show. Here’s the setup: Jillian is making some client run their head off at some ridiculous speed and of course, they’re flaking out on her and going into their ‘story’ of why it’s not going to work, they can’t do it, blahblahblah. So she forces them convinces them to do it, and of course, they do it! to which she then says…

“THERE! You see? You did it. Now take a look at your life – what else are you doing half-ass?” Beautiful. I love this. She felt the contestant was slacking on themselves, as so many do, and she challenged them to fully commit. What else are you doing in your life that you’re doing half-ass? It’s a beautiful call-it-like-you-see-it question – and one that more people should ask of themselves.

In my experience, people bristle when someone calls them out (or they realize internally) that they are doing some part of their life at a lower level than they are capable i.e. HALF ASSED. I know there are times when I do! I have a lovely person in my life who honestly and in a caring manner, calls me on the carpet when I am doing something that is keeping me from attaining my highest success. And I too bristle when it first gets brought to my attention, even though internally, if I listen hard enough, there’s a little lady inside my head going ‘yep, he’s right, dang it, he’s right’.

If you’re going to do something in your life, why would you do it anything less than your best? Well – lots of reasons –  but generally, none of them are good:
*If you’re going to exercise, why show up and then have a mental “I’m dreading this/I can’t wait for this to be over” attitude? Find something you can truly LOVE about your exercise program, it’s a pretty easy cop-out to be one of those people who just does their workout to hopefully prevent a heart attack but never really gets fit. I work with clients who are in their 60s and 70s and have gotten them fit after their 55th birthdays, and they will attest that the body feels much better when it’s strong and fit than when it’s aged, broken, fat, and lethargic. Find a reason then make it happen. And not half-assed either.

*If you’re going to eat right, why would you turn that down when you get into social situations or on the weekends? I’m known amongst family and friends for my nutrition habits. They know how unwavering I am about what I eat, what I don’t. They know I know a lot about food. But it wasn’t always that way. I had to learn, just like you do. Be willing to learn why you should eat certain foods, and make peace with whatever is going on in your head that keeps you from making the right choice about food. You know you could commit yourself more fully to your nutrition. Imagine what it would be like if you were better with nutrition!! Better results, feeling better, less risk of disease, lower food bills (because healthy food, actually, does NOT cost more as some think).

And look beyond just exercise & nutrition! What areas of your life are you giving less than your best? I exhibit traits of perfectionism that at times, hinders the forward motion I strive for in parts of my life. Criticizing my own efforts, holding judgement against myself for things that really are actually pretty darn good, it can work in my favor when my Positive Mental Attitude is running at top-level-performance. But when I start half-assing my PMA those perfectionist traits can become a hindrance rather than an asset. And funny enough, it’s generally hard to see the forest from the trees when you’re in the thick of it all – so having someone who can show you the truth about yourself is a valuable tool for your journey of self-improvement. I recommend you get one if you dont’ have one, and you be one to someone who needs one. It takes someone at Apple to say, “you know, you did a great job on that iPhone…BUT…I think you could do it better.”

So from Jillians’ mouth to your ears “what else in your life are you doing half-ass?” Recognize the opportunity to change. Implement steps to improve. Be mindful that who you are today is a framework for what you could become. The 1st iPhone was amazing! And iPhone 5 promises to be even more amazing! Evolve yourself people. If an iPhone can do it, so can you.