RK Tip of the Week|Frankfoods are Cheap Foods? Not so much.

Posted on March 12, 2011


Tips of the Week have been on hiatus for a bit…but they’ll be making their every-so-often appearances, and will pick up right where they left off…guiding you on key tips to living a real fit life with real knowledge about what works, what doesn’t, and what is just utterly ridiculous out there in the world of fitness, exercise & nutrition!

This week, turn up your ultimate spy radar! You’ve GOT to be on your toes today if you want to know for certain that what you’re about to consume is food & not some hybrid frankenfood. OJ fortified with calcium, oatmeal calling itself a nutritious meal while hiding beneath sugar, chemicals & more sugar, none of it is food as food was intended to be – and THAT makes a difference to your cells.

A calorie is not just a calorie. Calories from processed foods, even from foods that appear to be normal (eg: dry cereal flakes

Mr. T almost makes the "fortified with B vits" tag on the bottom less offensive...almost.

fortified with vitamins) are not put to work in your body the same way that real, unprocessed, close-to-the-earth food is used. Your body WILL take in what you give it and try to make it work. When you start doing that, you’re playing roulette with your body. Sure, people can weigh 600lbs and live for some period of time (they most likely will not live past 60 though) or subsist on cigarettes with more toxins than you can count for 40 years – but sooner or later, you will pay a price.

Frankenfoods, fortified foods, busted up real foods that McD’s tries to pass off as ‘real food’ all bother your cellular structure. When your body has to break things down that it is not familiar with, your inflammation levels rise, and your body compromises in some way. Skin irritations, allergies, digestive upsets, excess bodyfat, poor sleep quality, low adrenal function, & hormonal imbalances are just some of the ways your body waves a flag at you saying, “hey! I’m trying here, but you get what you give, and you’re giving me garbage.”

* Cereals that have a day’s worth of vitamins or OJ with added calcium or vitamin D – these are frankenfoods. There is nothing made by the earth’s soil that even remotely resembles a grain pounded together with synthetic vitamins. And when your body expects to get calcium or vit D, it’s not usually expecting to get a LOAD of fructose sugar with it. Foods & drinks supplemented with synthetic stuff = nutritional fail. 

*Your body was made with specific puzzle pieces that real, from-the-earth foods fit nicely into. Foods that were made in a lab cannot perfectly match those puzzle pieces in you.

*Don’t misunderstand though, there IS a place for a high-quality vitamin or mineral supplement, but if that is something you need, get it from a product where all they do is vitamins and minerals. Don’t get it from a company that does cereals but decided to stick their hand in the supplement jar to spice up their product & gain more profits.

*And as a reminder, be extremely suspicious of a fast food (read:junk food) company producing a “healthy” product. Ahem..McD’s oatmeal. There’s 1 ingredient in true oatmeal…OATS. Thanks to McD’s – their version has MSG (modified food starch is MSG), is NOT GLUTEN FREE thanks to ‘barley malt’, & has 21 total ingredients – 11 of them chemicals…you weren’t given puzzle pieces that fit chemicals.

Mark Bittman’s ed piece in the NY Times summed that debacle up well, “From a marketing perspective, they [McD’s] can do almost nothing wrong; from a nutritional perspective, they can do almost nothing right, as the oatmeal fiasco demonstrates. One “positive” often raised about McDonald’s is that it sells calories cheap. But since many of these calories are in forms detrimental rather than beneficial to our health and to the environment, they’re actually quite expensive — the costs aren’t seen at the cash register but in the form of high health care bills and environmental degradation.

In the US, we currently spend 1 out of every $5 dollars on diabetes – the overwhelming majority of which is made up of type-II diabetics! An entirely self-inflicted disease!! Spend the money now or spend tons more of it later when you get a disease – the choice is yours, but I urge you to see the value in yourself and choose to spend money on good food now.