My SURPRISE 30th Birthday Party!!

Posted on February 22, 2011


Who knew I was so loved?!?! After the month I’ve had, this incredible surprise could not have come at a better time to smash right into my face – “you are cared about!” Between freaking out about turning, gasp, 30! & going going going without much Kate-time, and NO ONE planning anything for my birthday, I would have NEVER guessed that something so wonderful was in the works!!

You see, I’ve ALWAYS wanted a surprise party thrown for me, and I never got one – heck, after age 22, I’m not sure I even threw any kind of party. Just dinners out, which are nice and all, but a good party with lots of friends – ooh, those are so great! So for the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to organize my own party since I thought there was no way anyone would throw anything together for me. Ask Drew…I’ve fretted, searched, whined, complained, cried, & said ‘screw it’ with regard to putting a party together.

My good friends, Karen, Simone, Jen & Tina got together with Drew to put this little soiree together. I was told that I was meeting up with my little group of best girlie friends for an afternoon get-together. I must admit, while not a surprise party (or so I THOUGHT!) I was excited to be getting together but being in the dark about what we’d be doing! I got picked up and we drove out to Lynfred Winery, and I thought, “Oh! This will be nice! A good glass of wine or two & some good conversation!” We walked in, and walked back to a back room where Karen pushed the door open, and I was shocked beyond belief by 20 of my friends & clients yelling “SURPRISE!” at me!!!

When the door opened, I saw the birthday decorations and a nice little seating area and thought “oh this is nice, they decorated for me, what sweet girlfriends I have!” Then I turned to see everyone behind the doorway and truly FREAKED out when I saw people I adore, but was never expecting to see on this random Sunday!

The winery does massive flights of wine so there is never a chance for you to be without wine, and since I’d had an almost 2 hour run that morning, was way behind on calories from that, and was a little hungry since it was after lunch, that wine got into my system in no time! And from the get-go the party was off and running!

I truly could not believe the people that were there, who are such wonderful people, & they took time out to come celebrate with me! Then I saw the gifts-oh my!- do I really deserve all those gifts??? And the cake! Oh, the cake – gluten free made by this fabulous French chef who apparantly knows what’s what when it comes to gluten free!

Everyone was just so generous & thoughtful, I couldn’t believe it! I’m not yet officially 30, but this party definitely started the whole new decade off on a great foot. Amazing things will happen in my 30s, I can feel it! Thanks to all of you who are a part of it, I’m excited to share the future with each of you!

Check out the video of my reaction to the party! Thanks to Drew’s sis for filming this!! (I don’t know why the sound cuts out but I was just saying that exactly what I envisioned for my guest list came true – law of attraction baby!)

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