You can make a difference: Act Now for Feeding America

Posted on February 8, 2011


Most of you look at food 1 of 2 ways : as fuel for your life/the occasional satisfying treat or as something you love and hate simultaneously. If you struggle with your weight, you may be in that 2nd camp – because you haven’t yet managed your relationship with food. Whatever camp you’re in – you probably take food for granted – thinking more about what you’re going to have post-workout(camp 1)/post-stressful day (camp 2) than about the food itself i.e. how it got to you, what it’s true value is, what it’s doing to each cell of your body.

Many of us have always known food – because it’s always been there. Maybe you cut food calories in an effort to lose weight, fight disease, be in control, relieve an emotion…Maybe you overdo on food cals because you don’t think twice about it, do it mindlessly, are trying to mask something in life, or feel entitled to it.

Personally, I’ve done all those things in my journey to the disciplined relationship I now have with food. Thanks to college, I’ve crossed the realm of eating whatever I want whenever I want (the cafeteria has panini sandwiches AND chips AND a cookie for only $2!! – what a deal!! {NOT}) to eating next to nothing because there are outfits to fit into and parties to go to where you need to be fit/skinny/have no muffin tops in our jeans. I’ve started my day with only an apple and called it a meal & I’ve started my day with coffee cake (thanks to a friend who lived across the street & owned a bakery!) and called it a ‘breakfast appetizer’. And here I’ve arrived today – vastly different in my relationship with food than either of those extremes.

But one thing was constant. I had food.

There are so many people in our neighborhoods who now do not have food. The face of ‘those that go without’ in this country could be one you recognize – your neighbor’s, your co-worker’s, your friend’s. The major economic shift of the last 3 years has created a situation where 1 in 6 people faces hunger on a regular basis. I’ve been lucky enough to never had to go hungry because I couldn’t afford food. 

I hate feeling hungry. I try to never get so hungry that I’m willing to eat my own hand – but sometimes it happens…in Iceland it happened, and it sucked. We even had access to some food in Iceland – just not enough of it for an endurance trip & 1/2 marathon. So every day I was intensely hungry at some point. And I would think…’this is how some people have to live because they truly don’t have enough money to pay bills and have food too.’ And I shake my head. It shouldn’t be that way.

And it doesn’t have to be! I’m urging you to get involved right now with the Pound for Pound Challenge from The Biggest Loser. This is the simplest way ever to get food into the hands of your neighbors who need it right now. No searching for canned goods, then remembering them on the drop-off day at your local church or school. It’s so simple, you have no reason not to pledge to the Pound for Pound Challenge – when you do so, you get a bag of groceries per pound of weight pledged into the hands of someone who is hungry right now.

It’s so simple gang, all on the honor system. No check-ins. No weekly meetings. Just decide what you want to pledge in weight loss & the groceries will be pledged!

If you’re already at a healthy weight, check the option to maintain your healthy weight & they will donate 5lbs of groceries to your local food bank.

Someone who is hungry will benefit directly by you pledging to get yourself to a healthier weight.

And if you live in Northern Illinois, I’d urge you to pledge your weight loss/maintenance goal to the Northern Illinois Food Bank, where Biggest Loser, Season 9 Winner, Michael Ventrella is serving as the Challenge Champion! NIFB was named 2010 Food Bank of the Year, the highest honor a food bank can receive from Feeding America! They do amazing work and need our support.

You’ve finished reading this post, please go pledge. Click here!

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