A milestone in my health journey!

Posted on November 26, 2010


I’m rushing around today getting ready to leave for vacation with Drew – it’s our 3rd one together – and I just got news that it’s going to be the one that I go into with the best health out of all the years he’s known me!!

You see, our first vacation together was before I found out I was gluten intolerant, before I balanced my Candida overgrowth and pH, and before I was seriously training for anything. It was a time of just doing the basics – working out, loving it, but not really GOING AFTER IT. Eating right to stay slim & energized, but not really comprehending the critical keys to using food as a nutritional support tool instead of just as something that taste good.

Just after that vacation, I started my program to cut the Candida, re-balance my pH and really started to take hold of the whole real food vs. food-like products thing. And by the time the 2nd vacation rolled around,  I’d found out I was gluten intolerant & was beginning on that adventure too. I can’t tell you how much different I felt after addressing these health challenges!!

And tomorrow we leave for our 3rd vacation together – and my naturopath just called to tell me my latest Adrenal Stress Test results had come back. (I’ve been testing my adrenal levels for the last year or so, after I’d corrected all the above things, and was still feeling tired, sluggish around 3pm, and a few other symptoms that led the Doc to think we possibly had an adrenal issue messing with me.)

So the 1st test came back as Adrenal Stress Phase 2 – stressed adrenals & not recovering quickly enough, so there was perpetually cortisol roaming around my body, leaching hormones from other functions. The 2nd test came back Adrenal Stress Phase 1 – better than 2, my body was recovering better from stress, but there was still some elevated levels that were affecting my ability to achieve optimal health.

And today, I just found out that my latest adrenal function test came back PERFECTLY NORMAL!!!!! HOORAY!!! I’ve worked hard to make changes that would support my adrenals & my body’s desire for optimal health, and my latest test confirms my efforts! The Adrenal Stress test looks at hormonal markers at various points in the day & compares them to where you should be if you’re functioning as you were designed to. I am so pumped that my test came back with a great reading – especially because I’ve been feeling awesome lately! Energetic, clarity in thought, low stress in handling day-to-day stressors, minimal cravings, energy for workouts, it’s all felt like it’s there for me.

So as we leave for this 3rd vacation together, I know that my health has been steadily improving in the time that Drew has known me. And that feels awesome! Now that doesn’t mean I’m in the clear from here till forever – just like you don’t stay the same weight once you get there if you stop doing the things that got you there. The stuff that is good for you, you should keep doing for the rest of your life!

I’m definitely going to toast a margarita to optimal health while on vacation, but you can bet I’ll also be working out regularly, eating super clean and lean, and taking my supplements as if it was a normal day – because it doesn’t matter where in the world I am – a normal day for me includes all those things!

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