The Simple Truths of Optimal Living

Posted on October 8, 2010


And you should too! I have to tell you how happy I am with the conversations that my last post sparked! My main goal is to bring all you lovely readers the tools & motivation you need to get fit in a real way. And since everyone is not me- only child, athlete, type-A, queen of schedule city – I have loved hearing the different perspectives that post sparked. Because if we can all come to the same end point – happy, fit, strong, making the most of our lives (whatever that is to you) – and we can all get there despite coming from very different places, then AMEN!

Some people in this world need no push at all to go diving off the cliff of adventure, excitement & endless possibilities. They are out there saying “why not??” when everyone else is saying “why the heck would you do that??” I can think of 3 different clients of mine who are ‘mature women’ (although they’re so spunky they probably don’t care if I gave away their ages!) who have been told endlessly by others their age that the efforts they are making for fitness, nutrition & lifestyle are a waste of time. Something to the effect of, ‘don’t go running/biking/organic eating, just settle for how you are.’ And I personally get so upset for these women when they tell me stories like this –

#1 – Who is anyone to tell someone that want they want to do is dumb? Didn’t they watch Sesame Street?…everyone’s ideas are valuable to them, don’t crush someone’s dream.

#2 – Who made the rule that who you are after a certain age is who you need to be for the rest of your life? Just think if you were the same person today that you were when you were 17. Most of us would be total asshats & the world would have turned into a scene out of Mad Max.

My mission is to be the cheering section for those of you who fearlessly go leaping off the adventure cliff & to motivatemotivatemotivate the rest of you who don’t quite believe that they can/should/want to dive into optimal living. Maybe you don’t dive in because too many people said, ‘don’t do that’ to you goals, or maybe because you don’t think it’s possible for someone ‘with your genes’ to be any different from your family members.

I’m just here to facilitate the spread of a few truths about optimal living in today’s world. Here they are:

The truth that your age does not matter when it comes to health & fitness – you can be, and should be, running around like a kid until your last day on this earth (and you can’t do that with gobs of excess weight that slows you down & makes you tired, or a bad low back because you lost so much strength over the years)

The truth that you were given a body to do things with – and it’s your duty to care for it through regular movement of your parts & constant fuel of good foods (this one sticks hard for me, I just don’t know how we can do all God’s work here if we’re not able to move around & function well, or if we leave this earth early because we gave ourselves a heart attack via donuts)

The truth that there really is enough time in the day to eat right & exercise – it’s just a matter of how well you coordinate that ‘dance.’ (with exception to extreme conditions where all life duties are on hold to handle major life challenges, there really is no reason that exercise & good nutrition can’t happen)