Recipe: My steel cuts oats can kick your instant oats’ butt

Posted on September 17, 2010


Steel Cut Oats | You can’t seriously be still doing instant oats. It’s the white bread of hot cereals! Plus it’s a huge money waster in its individual package wrapping, with added sugars & flavors. You want a legit hot cereal to get your morning off right or to enjoy mid-day if you’re in need of larger amounts of total daily calories? Then you need to be doing steel cut oats. They are the least broken down of all the oats (rolled oats are, well, rolled out – breaking them down a bit & instant oats or cream of wheat are even further broken down!) Least broken down means least impact on your blood sugar – and that’s best for weight control.

If you buy certified gluten free oats, then you’ll be guaranteed your meal starts off gluten free. If it doesn’t say “Certified GF” it probably is NOT free of gluten cross contamination. Steel cut oats are hearty, boost up the protein count, and keep your blood sugar stable for hours afterward. When you do oats of any kind, you really really really need to soak your oats ahead of time to unlock the enzyme properties of the grain. Fail to do this, and you really will not absorb the nutrients from the oats & it will take much longer to cook them.

Perfect for any time of year, but especially wonderful on those chilly mornings when you get your workout in before the birds are even up! 🙂

Ingredients: *serving size for 1 person, increase if you are on a high-calorie diet

Pre-Cooking (the night before):

– 1/4 cup dry steel cut oats

– 1/4 cup water

– 1/2 Tbsp. kefir or lemon juice (provides acidity to break open enzyme properties)

How-To: Put oats, water & kefir in a bowl. Stir & cover with plastic wrap. Leave on counter overnight. It will be fine, no worries about the dairy spoiling on the counter, it’s cultured so that won’t happen.

Cooking, the next day:

– 1/4 cup water

– Saucepan

Add-in’s for final oats product:

– 1/2 serving of vanilla protein shake + a dash of cinnamon OR

– 1 Tbsp walnut pieces, 1/2 banana, <1tsp raw honey (*trust me, raw honey is freaking delicious! and so much healthier than pasteurized honey!) OR

– 1/4 cup frozen berries, 1 tsp raw honey

How- To: Put water in saucepan, add water & bring to a boil. Add oats to water & reduce heat to low (too high of heat & you’ll get hard oats that stick to the bottom of the pan like rice). Cover & cook for 2 mins. Check at 2 mins to see how much water has absorbed – turn heat off if almost all the water is gone – the rest will absorb into the grain while it rests in the saucepan.
**If doing add-ins: Frozen berries should go in  during the oats cooking time to thaw quickly. Walnuts & banana should go in at serving time. The protein shake goes in after you’ve put the oats in the serving bowl, pour the shake on top, then sprinkle with cinnamon. This is by far my favorite way to eat the oats – vanilla cinnamon oaty goodness!

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