Eat healthy, save money & be your own Martha Stewart

Posted on September 17, 2010


Writers Note: When this post went up, I was not yet educated about the value of eliminating grains from your diet. Please see all my work after May 1, 2011 for education on why you should consider removing grains from your diet. I let this post stand because I understand that some readers find this site because they are new to gluten-free living, and are challenged enough by that, let alone going the next step to grain-free living. This are still solid recipes for someone living gluten-free, so if that is you, then here you go.

We all like a little convenience in life. But with convenience comes cost – and sometimes a loss of quality. And quality is something you cannot afford to compromise when it comes to your health! Sure, individually wrapped snack items and pre-prepped foods are helpful in saving time – but you will almost always do so at the cost of your waistline & your wallet.

And food marketers have become so savvy at making their product look like something healthy, that you have to look so hard to figure out if what you’re about to buy is actually a healthy product or not! Not only that, trying to figure out just how to “do healthy” while still doing “budget-conscious” adds a whole other challenge to the mix.

Since learning to “do healthy” is a language that you pick up over time, and I’ve certainly picked up plenty of lessons along the way, I thought I’d share with you some things that really work to make healthy, time-saving, budget-friendly, and tasty all fit together.

There are already tons of recipes for what should be award-winning dinner ideas (some of them documented here in my recipes section! all gluten free, all natural flavor!) but those recipes are bountiful in many websites & cookbooks already. What you really need are the recipes for the stuff that gets you through the day. Baked Barramundi with Warmed Vegetable Salad sure is great – but it’s the requirement for something healthy & readily available at 3pm to keep you from going bonkers that will really keep you afloat in your healthy endeavors.

So here they are, the simple things you should be making at home to make “doing healthy” easier. Try out a few recipes then leave a comment telling me how it went!

Crispy Nuts & Crispy Nut Trail Mix

Sweet Potato Chips

Steel Cut Oats Breakfast Cereal

Energy Bars

Sturdy Kale Salad