Crispy Nuts & Crispy Nut Trail Mix

Posted on September 17, 2010


Crispy Nuts & Crispy Nut Trail Mix | Perfect for mid-morning or 3pm snacking. Ideal for putting into baggies for carry in purses& backpacks, when there is a good likelihood that healthy food will be non-existent for extended periods of time. Roasting your own nuts means you get the same thing the store sells, minus the oils! Since these are roasted without any oil, there is no added fat beyond the healthy fat of the nuts! These saved my life on the Iceland trip when on a 10 hour adventure tour there was only 1 stop at a gas station to pick up snacks (from a gas station, bleh) & refuel.

*adapted from the book my fave doctor wrote the forward to, Performance Without Pain, a great read for anyone trying to perform well in life & cut inflammation out of their body!


– 4 cups raw almonds

– 2 tsp Celtic Sea Salt (if you don’t already use this, it’s a must-have for your spice cabinet, full of minerals & flavor!)

– Cinnamon (or chili powder, garlic powder, whatever spice you like; cinnamon always wins the taste test at my house)


Soak nuts in filtered water & salt. Leave on the counter for 7 to 8 hours. Drain in colander. Spread nuts on a baking sheet, making sure none of resting on top of each other, unless you want soggy nuts – and who wants that?! Sprinkle liberally with cinnamon (or your chosen spice). Put into oven set at 150-170 degrees & leave them for 12-24 hours. Turn them occasionally to ensure they dry out on all sides. Once done, remove from oven & let cool on the counter. Once cooled, store in resealable bags or containers. The nuts will be crunchy & crispy & will retain the flavor of whatever spice you put on them.

Kate’s Tip:

You may read this and think, “I have no time to spend 24+ hours making nuts!!” Trust me. Plan it right and you have plenty of time. I soak the nuts from late morning till evening. That way they can go in the oven that night, then I can flip them before bed & right when I get up. And I can either set the stove timer to shut off at set time after I leave for work or I can leave it on until I get home. At such a low temp, you run little risk of burning – but if you do burn them – toss them! A rancid nut releases free radicals in your body – and that’s NOT a good thing.

**To turn your delicious-on-their-own nuts into a trail mix, do what I did! Head to the bulk bins, pick up some roasted pumpkin seeds & a few morsels of dark chocolate chips. No need to do exact measurements – mix it up to your personal specifications. The pumpkin seeds give you added protein, vitamin K, & copper, as well as phosphorous, magnesium & manganese. And the dark chocolate, so long as it’s actual dark chocolate – 65% or higher- is a mini-punch of antioxidants.

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