Forget ‘one-step-at-a-time’…you need to take a flying leap!

Posted on September 12, 2010


You want small results? Take small steps. As a fitness pro, I hear the most ridiculous excuses (they are excuses) from people who would like to say that they are ‘still moving forward’ on this whole happy, healthy, fit life thing but are really fooling themselves into thinking the most miniscule lifestyle improvements are making them a much healthier person.

“Well at least I walked on vacation! That’s better than nothing, right?” Is it better than being a vegetable at the pool for 7 days straight? Sure, but not by much.

“At least I’m eating the salad from Chipotle & not the burrito bowl – that’s some vegetables!” Definitely, but you still get cheese and/or guac and/or sour cream.

I get to hang out with my boyfriends’ nephews who will be 2 soon. We praise tons of things that they do. We do so because we want them to remember the praise for what they did well, and to feel great & confident about themselves. And I want that for you too, my readers! But you’re not 2, you don’t need re-assurance & praise from me, your family or anyone else because you’ve switched your Chipotle order to something mildly healthier.

Accepting baby steps all the time as progress ensures you get very limited, slow results.  Here’s how to know if you’re accepting baby steps as progress or if you’re taking the leap you need to get to the next level of health & wellness.

You’ll know you’re cheating yourself out of BIG, MAKE-IT-HAPPEN PROGRESS, when you include in your sentence about your actions the words “at least.” At least what? You’re saying ‘at least’ and you’re right, you did do the LEAST of what you could do. And then tried to cloak it in words about progress, no matter how small. blahblahblah – just get up & be amazing already!! Stop saying “at least” about anything you do, and then do things that are way beyond ‘at least.’ It could be amazing!!

Yes, making progress is about forward steps, and lots of little steps add up to a mile. But if you intend to become someone who does fitness without question, who makes it a part of who they are forever, you’ve got to take a few flying leaps every so often.

I’m not saying go ‘cold-turkey’ like many people do with smoking or over-eating. While that certainly is a flying leap, doing so has a high percentage of failure (for those that cold-turkey works for, God bless you, I am so impressed – it never worked for me, I had to take the multiple flying leap approach). What I’m saying is that if you’re serious about changing for the better, you cannot accept the most miniscule amount of ‘better’ as equal to a step forward.

You’ve got to decide you’re going to do something & then really start doing it! Even if you fully commit then fully screw up. In that case, congratulations! You learned something from that! And now you can take that experience & use it in the future! Just get off the fence already & see that with big steps, you will see big results.

A few flying leaps you could take: Cook a greater % of your meals at home than you do eat out. Sweat your ass off at least 5 days a week instead of counting walking after dinner as a workout. Only buy foods that contain NO HFCS, no chemical additives, no preservatives, no thing that has more than 8 ingredients. Start training for something that freaks you out a little bit – a triathlon, a 10K, a Century cycle ride, or a vacation where the intention is the be seriously on the move throughout the trip.