RK Tip of the Week|Recipe for fitness success

Posted on September 8, 2010


7 parts ‘positive nutritional mindset’ + 3 -5 parts ‘lifting heavy stuff’ (based on how intense you want your end product to be) + 4 – 6 parts ‘move fast’ (based on how quickly you want your end product result) – 2 parts ‘sabotage’ (the weekend, most likely, but it can jump out at any time) x infinite amounts of ‘do it for a lifetime not for the moment’ =

A healthy, strong, capable body that will naturally get to its optimum weight when it’s getting everything it consistently needs

At its core, the equation is that simple. You can ignore the “fat burning zone” on the treadmill, forget about lifting weights for an hour, or counting carbs/sugars/resistant starches or whatever the hot diet tip of the moment is…

Follow a few core principles that should be fairly easy to put into consistent action, and then start dialing in the specifics from there. It really should be simple gang, 1)have a good outlook, 2)lift things, 3)move, 4)don’t cut yourself off at the knees.

The foundation of being healthy & fit is so simple – sure you can swing way out into the details – and you should!…once you get the foundation right.

Your body gives not one care if you’re giving it the right amounts of sugars if you’re skipping breakfast. It makes no difference to your body if you’re doing cardio regularly, but are regularly not forcing your muscles to respond to stress by lifting things that are heavy on a regular basis (traditionally called ‘weight training’ but that name pigeon-holes the entire notion of that part of the equation as only done on machines, or via 12-15 reps, or done with idiotic 2lb dumb bells…)

unless you’re injured, 2lb dumbbells serve little function in a strength workout.

 If you’re doing parts of the above listed equation, but not all of it, your body just isn’t going to get to (and stay at) its optimum health & weight level. Remember gang, your body isn’t going to fight you when it’s where it wants to be, doing what it wants to be doing, receiving stimuli & nutrition as it was designed to receive. None of this losing it but then it came right back stuff – if it came back, you stopped giving it what it was needing, or you were never giving it what it truly needed, but were tricking it to give you a short-term result (hello oddball diet followers!)

Having a positive outlook, by nature, you will have lower stress hormones than someone with a toilet-water-disposition. Lower stress hormones means less cortisol in the body, which means muscle can grow better and fat can burn better.  It also means you could have a better chance of success in the workout since visualization/positive train of thought has been shown to work and be used by high-level athletes for a long time – which means you may be able to work a little harder & get a few more results out of that workout.

Lifting heavy stuff forces your body to respond to the stress of the heavy thing. This is how you get to be able to lift more heavy things…being able to do that means you have more lean muscle tissue which means you have less fat, yay for that! Studies also show that lifting weights increases energy, so you’ll have more energy to get stuff done so that you have more time for living a healthy life!

Moving fast is important because it’s out of your norm of ‘moving slow’ in daily life. It pushes your heart rate higher, forcing a higher caloric burn, triggering growth hormone release when you do it hard enough, and training your heart to function more efficiently. If you go at the same intensity as you do in daily life i.e. gentle walking for all workouts, your body is never forced to adapt and change i.e. you’ll get what you’ve already got.

Skipping the sabotage on yourself or others who are trying to live a high quality, healthy life will do more for you than almost anything else in this world. The stress on your body from the sabotage via booze, sugars, lethargy, lack of sleep – it’s all critically bad for your body. And the stress mentally from knowing that you’re failing yourself or intentionally hurting someone else with your words or actions – that is almost as devastating to the chance of success as all of the chemicals that throw you off track when you dive off the rails of your fitness program.

Once you learn to follow a recipe, you can add more challenging cooking techniques, gently change flavor profiles & learn to do it with such flow & ease that you could make the entire thing in your sleep – following the recipe for a healthy, fit life is no different!