RK Tip of the Week|That muffin could be the demise of your brain

Posted on August 25, 2010


Last I checked, they weren’t changing out brains every 3,000 miles like the oil in your car.

Based on a 2009 study, brain scans of older adults revealed that overweight  individuals had an average of 4% less brain tissue  than normal-weight people. And in individuals who were obese, the loss of tissue in their brain was so major that their brains appeared 16 years older than those of thinner people.

This means that our nation is not only getting larger, but also getting cognitively weaker – by a significant amount! –  at at time when there has never before been greater saturation of ‘healthy options’ for the foods you love in our supermarkets and in our fast food chains. There’s a bit of a crux there if you ask me….

We’ve never had more options thrown at us from food producers for items that are ‘low sugar,’ within our ‘points’ range, ‘low fat,’ ‘zero sugar’ – just try finding a pudding cup that isn’t either sugar-free, fat-free, or both! I did and was stunned that the little treat I loved in my lunchbox as a kid now has been squashed out by fake puddings filled with sugar alcohols & MSG – that’s right gang, there’s a form of MSG in your healthy pudding cup. (Modified corn/wheat/tapioca/food starch is a form of MSG – got it? Now you know what to look for since ‘they’ know that since the early 90’s you’re looking for that devil MSG – you’re rarely see M-S-G on a label, but it’s other forms it has taken on are so sneaky it’s sickening.)

 But Kate, the box says it’s a good option for those on Weight Watchers! And so says the box of Weight Watchers muffins that ring in at approximately 40 ingredients! Do you honestly think anything with that many ingredients is good for you? Well, maybe you do because you don’t really understand what’s going on here…

More ingredients= less actual food in the food product = rising inflammation levels in the body = fat accumulation, muscle tissue breakdown, low energy, diseases

“You need to do some serious thinking young lady.” I’m fairly certain I heard that line a few times growing up. Usually it was regarding the edge of the precipitous cliff I was walking on with my attitude that may have not led me to the best outcome possible for my personal growth & success. And that is part of growing up! Having parents or other adults who see your potential and who watch out for you, guiding you to take on more & more personal responsibility as you grow up.

Think it over & then make a better decision with awareness of long-term consequences. Why did so many adults stop doing this when it came to personal responsibility about whether this low-fat muffin is worth gaining another 10lbs this year, or if they are ready to take action & give their body what it deserves! I.e. NOT a low-fat muffin. A large part of our nation needs to do some serious thinking about what they really want this life to be all about. Excess weight, depression, a senile brain at the age of 55, early onset of disease? Ugh. No thanks.

It can be hard to get started changing habits, especially when the body has been taught to crave salty, sweet, or fatty foods & to connect certain emotions with food. But a clearly defined goal & plan go a long way to helping the cause. Today’s Tip includes a challenge to get you started, and combined with some serious thinking you may need to do, I hope you’ll jump start yourself today (and if you’re already jump-started that you’ll do a review & revision of your current healthy habits!)

For this weeks’ Tip, I throw out a challenge to all of you – are you game? For the sake of your brain cells, I sure hope so!

For the next 7 days – including the weekend & all the nutrition break downs that happen on those two days!…

*I dare you to eat only foods that have 8 ingredients or less. That means the box/jar/can  has to have 8 or less items listed

And the 2nd part of the challenge,

*I dare you to eat ZERO foods that contain sugar alcohol, HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), or modified food/corn/tapioca/wheat starch!

Do it & take note of if you have to make any revisions to your typical food choices or if you are flying high and have little trouble catching the hidden chemicals & fake stuff in your food & beverages. I want to hear your comments on how it goes, what changes you made, and if it was hard or easy to do so! So drop me a comment here about how it goes for you!