Hiatus: Iceland

Posted on August 18, 2010


This blog will be on hiatus & will resume regular broadcasting on Wed 8/25 after my return from the land of Bjork i.e. Iceland. Hard to believe I’m fulfilling my dream of going to Iceland so early in my lifetime – but thrilled to be doing so! And in the summer too, when the sun barely sets in a 24 hour period & weather is a balmy 45-55 degrees. (Which will feel BEAUTIFUL after the heat/humidity of Chicago’s summer!)

Since the days I’m gone are packed with “things to do while in Iceland” & without computer access, tales of adventure & fitness education will pick back up after I return.

For those who didn’t know, I’m running a 1/2 Marathon in Iceland with a friend & client of mine, who’s 66 by the way (sorry for giving your age away Karen!) & she’s taking on more challenges than ever before and I am happy to be doing this one with her! We’ve trained hard & are mentally ready for the race – finishing well & having fun are our 2 main goals. Especially since the faster we finish, the sooner we can get to the Blue Lagoon – one of the worlds’ largest geothermal hot tubs – it’s heated by the volcano & is the size of a lake!  That’s it in the picture up there!

So, that’s it for me for now – pretty sure I am packed & ready – later gators!

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