RK Tip of the Week|What ‘Inception’ can teach you about living optmally fit

Posted on August 11, 2010


Without spoiling anything for those of you haven’t yet seen ‘Inception’, the movie produces several thoughts that, if applied to your own life, could actually help you live more optimally fit than you thought possible. No doubt about it – ‘Inception’ is a heavy movie – but I could see it being used in the education system to get kids thinking more broadly about life, choices, etc. I have several English teachers I could picture showing us this movie then asking for a blue book (the dedicated paper we used for written finals at Valpo) on our assessment of the plot as it relates to life, Shakespeare, & C.S. Lewis.

#1. Pay attention to the details….How often do we go through the day without really noticing anything because it just fades into the background? I heard once that your mind is designed to do that so that you can focus brain power on to the stuff that is different than the day before and react quickly to it. We may ride that pony a little long though & miss noticing the subtle changes that happen in our lives that let us know we are here, present, and living our lives.

When I left the movie, I had such an acute awareness of my surroundings – the music playing in the theatre lobby, the kid posing for a picture that his mom was taking, the angles of walls & doors & their detail work – it was all always there but I just used my brain power to notice it all.

If every detail is there for the noticing, what if you started paying closer attention to what your body is telling you, what if you applied attention to the details of a workout program rather than going walking for a week, seeing little results from your efforts & deciding working out just doesn’t get results for you? What if you decided to actually learn the details of what exercise & nutrition mean for your body’s needs & followed it?

#2. There’s going to be a “kick”, something to wake you up….Has anything woken you up yet to the critical importance of you being healthy, fit & well, connected to a social group & happily going through life with a positive demeanor? Science has proven it, that all these things are pluses that can help you live a longer, better quality life. But stats don’t do it for many people. They need a “kick.” Do you really want the “kick” to be a heart attack? For some people, that isn’t even the “kick” they need to make a change! Don’t let that be you. If you’ve already gotten your “kick,” remember it often so you can remain aligned & excited to what will make you your best self!

#3. An idea is an incredibly powerful thing when implanted in the mind….Dr. Wayne Dyer writes about memes – viruses of the mind – thoughts we’ve had since our childhood that we let control who we are as adults. They have been wired in, practically encased in cement into our minds, and only with awareness & effort can they come undone so that new ones may be laid down.

Once your mind takes hold of even the tiniest thought, your brain has the ability to create the need to have that idea come to fruition, to get you in a state of comfort with the idea regardless of if its’ good for you & can take serious attention, thought, & prayer to change & undo. If you think about how tired you are, your brain has the ability to latch to that idea & create surroundings that match that idea so that you really do create a feeling of tiredness for yourself! Positive or negative, when it takes hold in your mind, there is practically no stopping you – what you need to accomplish that idea will seem to come out of the woodwork – you will create possibilities for yourself simply by thinking of that first idea.

This is an insanely powerful thing to understand in your work to live healthy & fit. Think you’ve got ‘bad genes’ – then you’ll create a life that shows you that you do indeed have ‘bad genes.’ Know that genes provide some groundwork for life but that they are change-able at any time & you’ll create the world to match it – and shockingly, you more than likely will not develop all the ‘bad gene’ things you see in others from the same gene pool.

#4. Who is to say this is the best situation you’re going to be in?….Or even the situation you were meant to be in! You have no idea what’s waiting around the corner if you make the choice to engage yourself into life & the decision-making process that goes into every second of every day. Choose for yourself how you’re going to react to what happens around you – boss keeps you late at work & now it’s 8pm and you wanted to workout after work? Rather than get the idea “I’m tired & cranky, I’m going home” – decide to go do something that still honors your goal of exercising after work. Your world will not end if you squeeze the workout in later than expected thus missing your TV time for the evening. You’ll feel better, and you’ll have been in control of the outcome of that situation!

Will you decide to lay on the couch another day waiting for the inevitable breakdown of your body? Will you decide to take hold of your grocery list & start feeding & teaching your kids what real food is & how it can make them big & strong? Will you commit to making dinners ahead for re-heating so you can go workout without making an excuse about needing to cook the family dinner tonight? It’s your world for the creating…