Listen to your Intuition

Posted on July 31, 2010


So I have this pair of diamond drop earrings that if you know me, you’ve seen me wear 4,375 times because they are so dear to my heart & are just beautiful to me, they are just about the only pair I wear (although I would wear others if presented with a gift!) 😉  I got these earrings in a shop in Cambridge, England, when I returned there the summer after I graduated college. I studied in Cambridge during my junior year & it was honestly the most life-changing thing I’ve ever done (the fact that we were there during 9/11 only heightened that truth).

Grateful. That would sum up my time there. I forged a bond with my best friend that will never be broken. I made friends from other countries who offered different perspectives on the world. I navigated train systems & hostels without an iphone or GPS. And it was pre-Euro so I spent money like a mad fool on museum entrance fees, gelato, leather, beer, tours, perfume, and Lord knows what else!

So getting to go back for a trip that my friend & I saved all our money for after graduating was the icing on the cake. And while there, my friend- who has the eye of an artist, pulled me into a shop saying we should pick out 1 good thing that we could bring home, wear often, and always remember Cambridge for. And thus, I am the proud owner of said earrings.

Ok, on to the story: Tuesday night, I went for a run. Logical me thought, ‘it’s getting dark, if I fall or get mugged, I’d hate to lose my earrings, so I’ll take them off” (that’s right “if I fall or get mugged.” right.) and into my purse pocket with my keys they went. Two days go by, I think nothing of it (run went great by the way!) Fri, I pull out my keys before work, and see one of my earrings dangling from the key chain. “Oh. Dear. Lord.” I knew it, I just knew it. There’s no possible way the other earring is still in that pocket. My keys and phone have come out of that pocket at least 10 times since Tuesday, they surely took the earring out with them at some point.

Frantically, I searched my purse. Yep, gone. Any woman who has lost her wedding ring or grandmothers’ necklace knows this fist-punch-to-the-stomach feeling well. And at least a tiny bit of that stayed with me through the morning, when, at lunch I was getting ready to workout – and thought, ‘maybe, just maybe there’s hope that it fell out in my car.’ So I grabbed my keys thinking I would just entertain myself and go out & see if the earring was in the car. It wouldn’t be, but it was worth a try and would at least let my mind be released from thinking about it during my workout.

There’s a little sidewalk path that goes to the back parking lot where employees park & I started walking towards it with my head down, honestly, still sad about knowing I was probably not going to find the earring in the car. I stopped to wait for two guys to pass from the other direction as there is only room for 1 on the sidewalk at that point. They pass, I take a step & what in the hell catches my eye – but – no – it can’t be. There is no way that thing on the ground is my earring – it would have to have been there & been picked up by someone else or been stepped on by now -no way.

I crouched down – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY EARRING!!!!!!! Smashed but salvageable!! I don’t care the cost, it will be worth it to get this beautiful earring fixed and back to new again!!! I can’t ask how, I can’t even begin to understand how this is possible – if I hadn’t forced myself to go look in my car, I would have surely NEVER found the earring. Some critter would have grabbed it, or it would have been broken into little pieces, but no, I found it.

How does the little voice in your head just KNOW when you should go do something? Do we have a slight amount of ESP that does it or is that the voice of God (would God really spend time getting me to decide to go look for an earring?!) I have no idea, but I thought it was pretty freaking cool how it all worked out. Things we think we do on auto-pilot, maybe we don’t actually do without some level of conscious or unconscious thought. Something to ponder for 10 miles tomorrow!

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