Want a bonus bucket of low-self esteem with that movie?

Posted on June 21, 2010


I got this ad in my email inbox today – and thought, “oh, nice! a free movie!” Thinking that I may have to do some kind of ‘buy 2, get the 3rd free’ thing. In reality, to get the free movie, I need to affirm my lack of desire in myself, and choose to upgrade to the special love-handles & high cholesterol that is part of this deal.

While an ice cream bar from time to time won’t kill you IF you’re in good health (good cholesterol, blood glucose, weight/body comp levels), there’s absolutely NOTHING of value from Hot Pockets – and no “Lean Pockets” aren’t any better.

I’m fairly certain now that it’s a big conspiracy – I’m not normally a conspiracy theorist so I couldn’t tell you who the real players are, but it just seems like if our nation/government/businesses truly wanted to help people live healthier lives so we can save money on health care costs & on the extra materials it takes to make XXXXL caskets (for example), they’d work together more to get advertising like this out of our culture.

“Yeah, well, it’s a free country!” …what are you, 10? I remember being a kid and we’d say that when we wanted to be able to do what we wanted and not be controlled by someone else. And when you’re 10, you don’t realize that you being able to do ‘whatever you want’ may have a major negative implication on someone else.

So choosing to not give one ounce of care about what you put in your body or how much you move means the rest of our health care premiums go up. We’re all in this boat together gang, like it or not, and you have a duty as someone on this planet to share resources, to work your fair share, and to try to make the world a little better place when you leave it.

And if you’re a fully grown 10 yr old, then go ahead & do “whatever you want” and throw away your health, drop your self-esteem, and cut your quality of life by signing up for this “movie/food/gross deal”. But if you’re not 10, and you’re an adult – make sure you are stepping up to the plate for your health & setting the example by avoiding “deals” like the one being offered by the movie company above.

And while a Hot Pocket/ice cream bar/free video deal may not seem like it disrupts the world’s symbiotic balance, it indicates that we are inching closer and closer to “too far gone” in the health of our country.

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