Being fat in Japan is a crime

Posted on June 20, 2010


(re-post from Australian news story. btw, I in no way condone the name of the blog I read this from)

Interesting concept – but the woman outlined in the story did was most people would – starve & exercise like mad until her evaluation, then go back to unhealthy ways. The waistline requirements per the Japanese gov’t are 33 & 35” for men & women, respectively.

I can tell you that only 1 in 3 people in America would NOT be breaking the law if we had the same law here. We have to do something folks, and I know that many people think the gov’t shouldn’t be stepping into our personal fitness & health – but the reality is that one person being overweight/obese & carrying all the health breakdowns that come with it impacts everyone else.

You don’t have to have a 6 pack, but you do have to maintain a reasonable amount of health & fitness – and the Japanese have set that as having a 33” or 35” waist.

Via: Brisbane Times In Japan, being thin isn’t just the price you pay for fashion or social acceptance. It’s the law. So before the fat police could throw her in pudgy purgatory, Miki Yabe, 39, a manager at a major transportation corporation, went on a crash diet. In the week before her company’s annual health check-up, Yabe ate 21 consecutive meals of vegetable soup and hit the gym for 30 minutes a day of running and swimming. ”It’s scary,” sa … Read More

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