Aren’t you thirsty?? Hydrating for life & for fitness

Posted on April 30, 2010


 There’s a statistic for everything these days. And that’s good, they tell us a story about who we are, what we’re doing (or not doing), and even what we are value-ing these days. Apparently we don’t value one of the most critical life-giving things on this planet – water.

3.4 is the number of glasses of water the average American drinks every day. That’s it. My mouth dropped when I read this (and I picked up a glass of water & started drinking!) How are we getting by on that little water??

How is this possible when we’ve been smacked over the head with our plastic Dasani or Evian water bottles being told over and over again that we’re filling our landfills up with plastic that just won’t break down so switch to those sexy little tin bottles with the neat designs on them. I thought everyone was getting the message that we need to be chug-chugging that water with the popularity of those bottles! I think I’m going to come around & do a spot check of each of your bottles to see what you’ve got in there if it’s not water….

You should know that water makes your skin look young & fresh, helps with undereye bags & circles, helps your kidneys flush out waste, and keeps your body happy at the cellular level. Don’t forget that drinking water helps you to not feel so sore – it’s directly connected to the fuzz factor in your body. Right now, we have a whole bunch of flaky-skinned, dark-eye-circled, possibly retaining body-fat, sluggish people walking around. If that feels like you, then do yourself a favor & go get yourself a glass of water. Then, I want all of you to do this challenge: Track your water intake for 1 day. Don’t change anything yet! Just drink as you normally would. Note  how many cups of water you drink (a cup is usually measured at 8-10 oz.) If you’re meeting the generally accepted requirement of 80-100+ oz., go you! If not, spend the next 5 days aiming for 80-100 oz. and see if you feel different afterward.

Yes, you’re going to have to use the restroom more often. That’s a good thing. We’ll understand if you have to get up twice in your meeting to go, we’ll be glad that your cells are getting what they need. I’d like to hear where you’re at with your water intake, and if you note any changes as you do the 5 day water challenge. Drop me a comment here, on FB, or via email so we can continue the conversation on this!

It  also helps your body let go of body fat so if you’re trying to maintain your body composition or to get the body composition to begin shifting

– why chop your success off at the knees by not giving your cells the water they need to let those fat cells burn off.

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