RK Tip of the Week|Awaken your fitness goals from their winter slumber!

Posted on April 21, 2010


Spring is awesome. When it’s been a long, dreary Midwest winter – seeing the sun for the first time in what feels like ages, feeling the mild warmth of 50 degrees & heading out without a jacket – people seem to awaken to life again from the hibernating blobs many of them became over the long winter.

Some of you kicked butt all winter & trained like madman – way to go! – you are not in the “blob” category & should be ready for spring & summer to be your performance seasons! But, there are others that have left imprints on couches where their bodies spent many a winters’ evening & those bodies are now up, out, at the driving range, jogging down their street, or suiting up to coach kids’ soccer teams. If you did train hard this winter…or if you didn’t…there’s one big tool you should be using to get to ensure prime fitness training happens for YOU right now.

Dear Diary is the key to your success

We all know you’re busy. It’s the #1 excuse why some people don’t commit to a healthy lifestyle (& a lame one at that- if the President can workout, so can you). So to keep you from thinking you’re too busy to make a good effort on the fitness front, get a notebook, call it your fitness journal, & start logging in it every day.

But that takes more time out of my already too busy day Kate! The truth is, it actually relieves stress from your day because it shows your plan right there on the paper, so no figuring out what to do and when -just some quick note taking on your your plans, accomplishments & habits…and wa-la! You’re a scheduled, on-point low-stress individual!…or something like that.

Kate, journals are like diaries & diaries are for girls & 7 year olds, and I am neither of those! Man up, and realize that you live & die by your Outlook at work & that is a journal, so you’re already doing it & this will be just as helpful in your fitness life! Imagine working without knowing what meeting you’re supposed to be in & when, or without knowing what your task list is to ensure you meet your quarterly goals. Um, yeah, that would be bad so you see? Journals are good!

Here’s what I track in my dear old diary. If you don’t know where to start, try this set-up:

  • First item for the week’s entries is to list all workouts that should be done this week & even better, a flexible schedule of when you’re going to do them. Why waste even more of your already minimal time thinking about which workout to do when, and if you work late, will you remember your gear because it’s running day today? You’ve got 5 minutes on Sat or Sun to do this – do it & stick to the schedule as best you can & see how much less there is for you to think about.
  • Time you went to bed the night before & time you got up today – if you slept like poop for any reason this helps you to reflect back when you’re trying to improve your training & life – less than 7hours is a red flag & could be an indication that your next workout or two is going to suffer.
  • Time of meals/snacks & what you ate – you can do calories if you want, if you have body composition goals or performance goals that require fuel, this may be a good idea for the 1st few weeks. There’s a million sites to track your intake & look up foods. I like this one for finding the nutrition data of a certain food. Don’t have a clue if you’re putting together the right amount of cals, fat, combo of foods to achieve the results you want? Contact me for help, it’s a passion of mine!
  • Type of workout done that day – tracking your average HR, calories burned, distance covered, type of weight training workout done are all helpful things if you want to see yourself make progress. Doing this will help you to see that you ARE actually making progress….or, it will stare right back at you to show you that you’re not actually putting in the work that you think you are. Either way – it’s good because it draws attention to something that, if important to you, deserves attention!
  • Any noticeable emotions or feelings that came up during the day,  i.e. in the middle of the day, you get REALLY tired – right that down so that later on, you can look to try & correlate that to something (too little cals earlier in the day, the wrong combo of foods at lunch, too little sleep, dehydration, etc). It may sound like overkill but trust me, it will help you see patterns in emotions or energy levels & will help you see how food, sleep, workouts & life stress is impacting you. And then, you’ll be able to do something about it – rather than continuing to be the tired, cranky, sweet-toothing person you seem to be.

That’s it. Super simple, jotted down notes in a notebook. Lots of stress removed from your life now that you have a track-able plan. And the potential for greatness from your spring workout schedule!