Modified Food Starch|Gluten Intolerance or not, eat at your own risk

Posted on April 6, 2010


As you know if you read this blog for any amount of time, I am gluten intolerant. Not Celiac level intolerant. Mildly gluten intolerant. And if you read posts here, or have heard me on my soapbox, you know that “mildly gluten intolerant” does not mean it’s ‘more OK’ to allow a little gluten to sneak through every once in a while.

Gluten has the potential to shorten your life if you consume it with ANY level of intolerance. Gliadin, the protein in gluten, is difficult to digest & for those with intolerance to it this means that those proteins sneak through the stomach & into the blood stream, where they make their way to any & all parts of the body and act as an opiod. That’s right, when you eat gluten with an intolerance, even a tiny amount, it’s going to places like your brain, your joints, your heart, your immune system, and creating problems such as cancer, arthritis, brain fog, mood changes, and tons more.

So yeah, it’s not ok to eat gluten – even tiny amounts – if you’re intolerant. That doesn’t mean get crazy, but it means be totally freaking educated so you don’t accidentally activate cancer cells because your body does not have active natural killer cells because the gluten disables them. That’s one thing that can happen if you still eat gluten. As you can see, I’m passionate about this.

And if you don’t have any intolerance? Still better to limit your gluten intake because it IS an inflammatory food, which means when you eat it, your inflammation levels rise as your body tries to process it. Inflammation is seen in the body as dysfunction like arthritis, heart attacks, skin issues – and as excess stored body fat – for those of you who’d like to look like you workout.

So – what’s the deal with Modified Food Starch? (And modified corn/tapioca starch, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and many more “flavorizers”) Well, I saw my naturopathic doc to get another ASI Stress Test done to check my adrenal levels (they’d been elevated the last time we checked). The test also checks your insulin levels, cortisol levels, DHEA & progesterone levels, and for any immune reaction to gluten in your system. When he called with the test results, I was shocked that he told me I was “borderline” for gluten intolerance.

“Um, Doc, shouldn’t my number for that reading be 0 since I already don’t eat gluten?” “Well Kate, obviously it’s sneaking through somewhere, one big area people don’t realize is they consume any products that contain things like HVP, modified food/corn/tapioca starch, and many more things, that the process to make those uses gluten– THUS, if you consume something that contains those things, you’re ingesting gluten.” Crap.

As you know I don’t eat processed/packaged stuff very often – but have you looked yet to see how pervasive those additives are in food today???? It’s sick how they are in virtually anything on a store shelf today. I was looking at tapioca pudding last week as a nice little summer-weather dessert for me & my man – and every single type contained modified tapioca starch. Your yogurt may have it. Your pudding cup definitely does. Your fruit snacks do. And if you check the things you eat daily, I’ll bet you find stuff that has chemicals in it that are made using gluten.

These are all basically new versions of MSG, and along with MSG, they should all be banned. They don’t do the body any favors. There are better ways to make food because we’ve done it for a long time without these newer chemical additives to food.

So! If you’re trying to stay gluten free, be wary that if you eat these chemicals, you are consuming gluten. I’m watching everything that goes into my diet now to see just how often I run into these food additives & to see if I can step around them. I urge you to read your labels this week & see if you can count how many times you go to eat something that contains these things in the ingredient list. It all comes down to eating as nutritionally valuable as possible – if that food gives you a big bang for your buck, then have at it! If it’s edible stock price is plummeting as you read the ingredients list, know that if you consume it, you’re consuming a lower quality product for your high performance body.