RK Tip of the Week|What Eminem can teach you about being absolutely fit

Posted on March 31, 2010


5am workouts need a different kind of workout music. At our performance center, we have Pandora on the computer with a bunch of channels so our clients can pick the workout music they want to listen to…my normal workout faves would be the Breaking Benjamin stations…but at 5am, they sometimes get a little loud & the beat gets going a little fast for what you need to get down to business doing. So scrolling through Pandora..ah, yes, the “Boxing” station – which creates compilations of different genres of rap and r&b…because apparantly that’s what boxers listen to? I don’t know, but it had a slower, more steady beat, was intense enough to get my brain focused & made me feel tougher than I probably was at that hour.

And it was during that workout that I realized just what an example Eminem is to any person trying to be absolutely, totally, finally fit. Stay with me…

I’m excited for Eminem to come back on the scene in full force (rumor has it he’s battling prescription pain addiction – good old pharmaceutical companies & their pills). If we took a few parts of Eminem & applied them firmly into our lives, I believe that we’d fully & completely BE fitness. Not, “I lost twenty, but now I’m just mini-cheating until that scale creeps back to a number I can’t live with anymore” fit. And not “I’m in, but not really, so I’ll show up to workout, but I’m going to bring every excuse in the book as to why I didn’t do my cardio, or find time to pack my lunch.” But truly, really, “staying this way forever because I don’t know anything else” fit. Wouldn’t you like to be that kind of fit? Never stressing about it, always knowing that this fit person (plus a few wrinkles some day) will be you until the Good Lord calls you Home. If so, read on!

What Eminem can teach you about being absolutely, totally, for real, for ever, FIT:

  1. Just because you’re a white guy from Michigan doesn’t mean you can’t dominate those who’ve owned this field forever. Eminem seems to be nothing like most of the premier rappers in this world, on the outside. He’s a goofy looking white guy, and even in a few of his songs, he takes note of just how crazy it is that someone like him, is out-rapping some of the best rappers of our time. How you think of yourself is going to dictate your success in fitness. It doesn’t matter where you came from, how much baggage you’re showing up with, or if you look like someone already ‘doing’ fitness – if you act the part, your mind & body will follow. If you perpetually think of yourself as “dieting” or “stepping up the workouts till I get this weight off”, you’ll never be ‘one of the gang.’ Fitness is not some crazy phase you’re going through – if you intend to live long & prosper, you’re gonna have to workout & eat right, forever. Just like you can’t get to be one of the worlds’ best rappers by only singing nursery rhymes on Sundays, you can’t get to ultimate fitness by going half-ass. Live the lifestyle of a fit person – regularly eating right, regularly working out, doing it for the long-term effects, not the next month weight goal effects.
  2. If you’re gonna do it, you better jump in with both feet. Eminem had to prove to the world that he’s not some schtick. He had to show up, guns blazing, to prove that this is who he is, and by the way, he’s better than you at it. You don’t have to be that guy, bravado bared for the world to see, who’s always bringing up how much he can bench press. But you need to own your fitness & nutrition ideals in every situation – don’t eat junk at the family party just because you’re going to get guilt-tripped by family members if you don’t. Share with them what you’re doing, why you believe it, how you think it may help them feel better too & maybe, just maybe, the whole family will start bringing healthier food to parties. Remember, both feet in – not both feet in, except on Saturday when we’re grilling out with the fam, so how can you not have pop, two burgers with cheese & Aunt Susie’s special cream pie. Both feet means both feet everywhere in your life. Jump in, the waters’ warm!
  3. It’s more believable (for you and us) if you ‘bring it’ with intensity. Eminem didn’t decide to wear J.Crew because he ‘just wasn’t feeling’ the standard rappers uniform – white t-shirt, pants hanging below his underwear. He dresses the part, acts the part, and he does it all with impossible-to-miss intensity. If you don’t believe what you say you’d like to do (live a healthy life, lose weight, etc) then you’re going to be at odds with yourself forever & will make little, if any, progress towards those ultimate goals. You need to embrace your goals as if you already own them – because you do! Eminem learned that any doubt in himself would be reflected in his end result. Same goes for you & your health goals. This generally requires a large thought process shift, and it’s ok if that takes time. But you’ve got to be chipping away at those feelings of inadequacy or those thoughts of “I’ve never been, so how do I know if I ever can be.” If you think you can be the worlds’ most lyrically dazzling rapper, you’ll figure out how to do it & will crush through every challenge to get there. Same goes for if you want to be the most awesomely fit you there ever was.

So if you want to be believable as a FIT person, you’ve got to believe you are a FIT person. You may not come from a fitness family, but remember, where you came from doesn’t matter. It’s where you know you’re going that really matters, because that’s where your two feet are supposed to be planted firmly anyways. And once  you know where you’re going, dazzle us with the intensity of your focus & commitment to yourself. Eminem did, and you can too.