RK Tip of the Week|Managing your outlook to manage your success

Posted on March 3, 2010


Want something done? Ask someone who’s busy- is how the saying goes. The thinking being that someone who’s busy

Oh Captain, my Captain...

 is obviously managing their time to accomplish many things in a day, & thus is organized vs. someone who’s got free time, who may not be such a good time manager that they can take on multiple tasks with success & is disorganized.

There needs to be a caveat to that saying – if you want something done, ask someone who’s busy but never talks about what limited time they have. When we talk about how limited our time is, or even worse, do what I’d been doing over the last few months – give the litany of all that we have to do to those around us with an exasperated sigh at the end, as if that puts an exclamation point on just how busy we truly are – we do two things:

1. We perceive everything as having a life-or-death deadline that we raise our stress level to match.

2. We lower the overall quality of that which we are trying to be so busy accomplishing. Therefore…

We begin using our flight-or-flight response as a daily-fight response AND we actually lower the amount of high quality work we accomplish by having to fix & revise what we just tried accomplishing. I learned this lesson very well recently & I want to make sure you learn it now as it relates to your fitness & wellness goals. The potential outcome for making these shifts now? Achieving high-quality results with less-than-stressed efforts! Healthy life, healthy body, healthy mind – happy spirit. Who wouldn’t want that!?

What needs to happen to be fit, healthy & well? -Eat well -Sleep well -Exercise -Have an aligned spine so the nervous system can function without nervous system interference -Practice flexibility -Manage stress well -Have positive relationships & a positive outlook -This list could go on and on, the point is that one could become overwhelmed when trying to manage a life that is healthy, fit & well….along with living a fast-paced life, excelling at your career, having a fabulous family life, having deep, fulfilling relationships with loved ones.

And it is here that you would be well-served to learn the skills to successfully manage your outlook, thereby allowing you to manage a higher level of success for yourself. When you ‘manage your outlook,’ you are overseeing how you view your tasks, you are in control of what tasks are going to be accomplished, & you’re in control of how much energy, thought & emotion you put into each task. Picture yourself as the captain of the ship: There’s a lot of buttons to push & dials to turn but if you take control of your ship, push the buttons & turn the dials, you get to end up at the destination you want!

*Take a positive outlook from the onset. I re-read a good passage recently, ‘most of the things we worry about never come to pass, and those that do are rarely as bad as we make them out to be.’ It’s true, so why waste energy worrying about what probably won’t come to pass? If you think you’re not going to get everything done that you want to, then you probably won’t.  Have a positive outlook about 1 thing on your daily list at a time if that is what it takes for you to feel positive about your task-stacked day.

*Take a reality check regularly, especially if you tend to have a strong imagination. The world will definitely will not end if you are not all things for all people today. You should still try to be something to those who matter, but it may be a good time to re-evaluate who & what is worthy of your time & efforts. Determine what TRULY needs to be done today to make you feel accomplished to yourself & to those you committed to & work from there.

*Don’t look beyond the next hour. To accomplish a marathon, you must first take a step. Corny, but true. Focusing all your energy on what lays directly in front of you makes a heck of a lot more sense than distracting the energy you could be using for the task right now. Perhaps it’s late, you still need to workout, eat dinner, shower & oh, wouldn’t it be lovely to sit down & relax for a minute before bedtime – just put your energy toward the focus of getting the workout done, then dinner, and so on – you’ll save energy, time & stress by not thinking”bah! how am I going to get it all done?!” but just getting each thing done, one step at a time.

The glorious thing is that you are the captain of what success you accumulate in life. How you steer the ship will determine how quickly & with how much ease you get to that success. But if you are oh-so-busy in life, where exactly is success supposed to fit in? Make room for success by never being oh-so-busy & you’ll navigate into the harbor of success in no time at all.