This is why you should learn to bake/cook

Posted on February 26, 2010


Short little post today as I’m heading out the door for the entire weekend to work a screening event with the

Never would I want this much frosting on my cake

 Performance Center where I work. Long story short, I’m going to be working a booth to help golfers determine if  they are muscularly imbalanced & if so, how we can help them. Going to be at it all weeekend, so blogging will be difficult.

So my birthday is coming up. I love birthdays. I’m a birthday fan thanks to the giant deal my parents’ made out of birthdays when I was  growing up. I even believed in a “Birthday Man” who brought my presents….yeah, I’m not sure what he’d look like either, but I thought everyone knew about the Birthday Man. Thanks to him I got some awesome presents as a kid. So needless to say, I think birthdays are really fun – even when they are a somewhat age-ing milestone birthday & are the 1st birthday as a gluten free follower.

Now, you know that I love cooking meals & have been doing well learning to bake gluten free desserts, as witnessed here by my key lime madness & here with my cheesecake dreams. But it’s my birthday, and frankly, I’d rather not bake my own birthday cake. I will if I have to (although with what free time I’m not sure), but I’d rather not. So I called Whole Foods yesterday to find out about cakes in their Gluten-Free Bakery. The first girl I talked to said, “Well, I don’t know how gluten free you need it to be…” Ummm, seriously? Was she looking for a % of gluten free to non-gluten free? “Totally gluten free is how gluten free I need it to be,” is what I said – along with other thoughts in my head that are not worth saying here. So she let me know that they have a banana loaf that is gluten free if I’d like that.

I would not like a banana loaf for my birthday cake thank you very much.

So I called another Whole Foods. They have cupcakes, but no cakes. Onward I go looking for other local bakeries that do gluten free. I came across a local bakery that does cakes. It looked promising. Looks like a cake. Has frosting on it. Gluten free & vegan options. Fingers crossed as I dialed the store to find out how much it would cost to put together a cake with frosting & writing on it.

$45 for a single layer, feeds 7 people, gluten free cake. Y

And this, my friends, is why you should know how to cook & bake healthy, and especially gluten free, foods & dishes. Because the mark-up on a cake is insane. And when things are labeled “gluten free,” they automatically get to cost more…1) because, in honesty, the flours are a bit more expensive than regular white flour, but 2) because they know they can charge more because where else are you going to find a gluten free cake?? Certainly not Whole Foods, that’s for sure.

So when you think, “I’m not a good cook, I can’t bake worth a dime.” The truth is, if you can follow a recipe, you can cook & bake & actually that skill is worth at least $45.