Lazy Sunday or busy Monday|Quick Healthy Eating Tips

Posted on February 21, 2010


I scheduled myself a recovery day this wknd. Work has been insanely busy, which is good! Life seems to be chock full of appointments, events, and projects, which is good! And of course, workouts still need to happen around all of this, even if that means 4am is when they happen….which is good, although I’d much prefer an hour other than 4 or 5am for a workout.

So I scheduled a day for rest & recovery to get energized for the busy weeks to come, and after sleeping till whenever with no alarm set,  I got up & put together a batch of So-Good Energy Bars, then made breakfast while the scent of those bars wafted through the house. By the way, my new batch of So-Good’s is blueberry-fig flavored…a new combo so I’ll let you know how they turn out!

After throwing together this breakfast & sitting down to eat, I realized I’d just whipped together a nutritionally complete breakfast in under 5 minutes, including the Gluten Free toast & coffee. All thanks to some tips from Bobby Flay about how to do the eggs faster & better, & with regular practice of those tips, they started to come together in no time at all! Don’t laugh, Bobby Flay is the man, and with his tips, my egg-making time went down to 1 minute for 2 scrambled eggs from pan to plate.

I’m not above taking tips from a pro & am willing to practice those tips regularly to improve my skill sets & achieve a ‘flow’, and thus, a better result with those skills. Hmm, wierd, apply those two things to your fitness goals & you’d be amazed at the progress you’d make. Tips from a pro. And regular practice of them.

Here’s a few other things that will help you pull together a nutritionally smart meal that actually tastes good in no time at all (& if you apply them to your fitness goals, you may get a similarly great result there too!)

1. Be prepared, Girl Scout & Bot Scout motto for a reason!, because it makes for a better process & result. Have the right foods on hand to be able to make a longer duration meal (30 mins to prepare) for when you have the time or a quick-but-complete meal (10 mins or less) for when you don’t. E.g: having eggs & a creamy fat on hand to toss into eggs to kick them up a bit (creamy goat cheese or an avocado are perfect things to keep on hand for use somewhere in the kitchen)

2. Practice skills when you’ve got little time constraints so that when you do have time constraints, you fly right through with ease. When you’ve got the extra time, you can watch for cues that indicate your meal is going to turn out good. For example, how do the eggs look when they are just set enough to be able to turn the heat off & know they will be fully set when served? How does your meat look when seasoned by measuring spices so you can learn to eye-ball it without pulling out measuring spoons in the future?

3. Train your family & your palate to enjoy the taste of FOOD, not FOOD CHEMICALS. Can’t stress this enough gang, the majority of Americans have been trained to think lab chemicals used to make food products taste good – things like ‘autolyzed yeast extract’, ‘soybean oil’, & ‘PGPR’ – all of them chemicals, none of them bringing fake food flavors to your palate.  If you’ve been eating foods that have long list of ingredients (anything packaged or from fast-food or chain restaurants), your palate needs re-training to enjoy what real food tastes like without chemical additives.

Saying “I don’t have time” when it comes to doing things that are going to make you healthier & more fit i.e. cooking real food, going for regular workouts is just not an option anymore. You either have time for this now, or you make time for repeated dr. visits, hospital stays, & wait times at pharmacies for Rx drug pick-ups. All of which take major amounts of time & money when compared to the relative ease of scrambling some eggs, adding some healthy sides & starting the day off on a nutritionally sound foot! It’s not that hard! Just get up & start doing it! I can’t say it enough times. You are worth the 5 minutes it takes to make a healthy breakfast….and you’re worth the 30 it may take to put together a quality dinner. You are worth any amount of time that is required to do something good for your health.

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