How do you make something out of nothing?

Posted on February 12, 2010


I did not get a degree in marketing, PR, advertising, media, or art. I got a degree in something that was the furthest thing from art. I studied (and continue to study) in science – the world where there is a reason for things to ‘be’, where systems run like clockwork unless something really goes off kilter & where creativity is only necessary when trying to convince your bio professor that you did actually study for your practical exam.

Lately, I’ve been researching website design, themes, templates & formats for putting a “best foot forward” on the web. It’s for a project. Again…I’m not a computer savvy type, but am confident this will be a successful project because other, savvier computer types have made programs to make it easy for people like me. And it got me thinking…

From; an example of what's catching my eye

At one time, the internet was a twinkle in a computer guy’s eye. As were blog themes, and pictures like this. Same goes for Facebook. Twitter. And FourSquare – which I’m still figuring out but looks like it’s girl scout badges online.

Some person thought of something hard enough, long enough & with such clear vision (not ‘detail’ but ‘vision’-which is different from detail. Vision will give you clarity, detail may bog you down in the trenches), that today we have things that you or I couldn’t even dream of 20 years ago (or if we had, we’d have bought stock in the companies making it happen today & we’ d be rolling in dough!)

Achieving a level of fitness, health, and/or wellness is exactly the same. You cannot see, except in your minds’ eye, what your optimum potential is from where you stand today. Even if you lost the weight before but gained it back, or was a runner but haven’t gone out the door without car keys in years, it’s impossible for you to know exactly what will be your potential health, fitness or wellness. You see, if you were in a place that you thought was “there” for being “fit” or “slim,” and you’re not there today?…then you really weren’t actually “there.” Being there means things keep progressing, even over minor stumbles along the way (example: Facebook is still a monster despite tripping over their own privacy policy, twice.)

You must essentially take ‘nothing’ & make it into ‘something’ using your energy & resources. When you’re researching website templates & designs, you tend to scrutinize every single thing you see on the web to determine how it was made, what was made from a template, what wasn’t, and just how in the world someone thought to do that! Someone did that by taking their energy & focusing it to their vision, and then put pen to paper (or rather, fingers to mouse & keypad) & started chugging away.

It is up to you to create the template for the healthy body you’d like to have. So are you envisioning it? Or are you wistfully thinking about how it’s “just so hard” or “has never worked before.” What if Al Gore gave up on his first try at inventing the internet?? Where would we be today, huh? 😉

My point is this, the body you want to have, the clothing size you’d like to fit into, the strength or endurance you’d like to carry, the PR you’d like to achieve, all will happen when you apply yourself to the vision you’ve created. Seriously. Completely. All the way. You have to have the vision for the body you’d like to have, picture it, picture how it would work for you, how it would carry you through life, how it would feel to have that body. You are not yet living in the body you want to have, so you don’t have a reference point. You have to lean on the vision in your mind to create the reality as you’d like it. That picture at the top of the post? The blogger said, “I’d like a picture that has these particular words & this particular tone & shape to it.” Then they went about using the correct tools to make it…out of nothing! That picture did not exist in nature before, but yet, here it is now!

What you’d like to achieve in your health, fitness & wellness is not existent yet – so if you want to have that vision, first you must have a vision, then you must use the correct tools to follow through on that vision. You must have clarity on your vision, and keep it front & center as you set out advancing your vision by doing things to make it happen. If someone hadn’t started tinkering around, the internet would not be. If you don’t start tinkering around with your fitness & health, you’re not going to be what you envision.